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Yu-Gi-Oh! The Falsebound Kingdom Cheats because that GameCube

Play as Joey come play together Joey Wheeler, defeat the game with Yugi and also Kaiba.Then go to your load file. Joey need to be there together a playable character.

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Contributed by: nintendoking1

Money password

You gain 573 yellow by pressing: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a almost everywhere on a mission, easy to execute it in an north space.A man will to speak "Yu-Gi-Oh!"by blueel/ling ling

Contributed by: Ling_Ling

Unlocking Magician of black Chaos and also Black Luster Soldier

Run v yugi"s chapter two times and also aquire 2 black color luster rituals usage them top top gaia the fierce knight and Dark Magician

Unlockable Unlockable beat the Shadi who has the items use Black Luster ritual on Gaia the Fierce items use Black Luster ritual on Dark Magician
"Black Luster Ritual"
"Black Luster Soldier"
"Magician of black Chaos"

Contributed by: Dark Magic Dragon

Unlock the Egyptian gods Unlockable Unlockable to win Marik in Joey"s Story win Kaiba"s Story beat Yugi"s Story
"Eye the Ra"
"Slifer"s Orb"
"Soul the Oblisk"

Contributed by: Zero77

exactly how to discover some monsters in Yugi Side...

(Note: If you lose to any type of of this monsters, you wont have the ability to get them)

Unlockable Unlockable Walk with the bay in charred (Mission 14) top top Yugi Side, there, loss him, Fortress Whale and Suijin to get them. SouthWest of Beyzon in Refugees (Mission 8) v Joey to acquire him. In Beastly Badlands (Mission 6) go west (not straight west) the the mountains aboveTower Pegasis. Beat him, The Illusory Gentleman and Neck Hunter In mystery Power (Mission 17), Liberate PHYO-RENTE to have Beta the Magnet Warrior automatically join the team. to win brainwashed Tea in Spellcaster (Boss of Mission 11) to obtain her. loss Arkana (Boss of lost Cause, Mission 16) on Yugi next to gain him. defeat Panik (Boss the Beasty Badlands, Mission 6) ~ above Yugi next to get him Liberate both caught towns in Counter strike (Mission 10) on Yugi side, having actually Dark Magician in Yugi"s Team. Walk with the only in burned (Mission 14) top top Yugi Side, there, loss him, Suijin and also Aqua Dragon to get them. West of Ce-Reizo in Break totally free (Mission 9) to obtain him (You need to use Mai through the Harpie Lady Airo) In an enig Power (Mission 17), Liberate either JENONNVA or CHARTE-GOALLUA to have actually the maker King immediately join the team. In secret Power (Mission 17), Liberate MYILLUNO (Mission Goal) to have Millennium Golem immediately join her team. In rage of the Empire(Mission 2)They space in the woodland south that Croethe. (Not directly south) defeat them all and you gain them every In Mission 5, go southern (not directly south) the Jokhan. Fight him and also win to unlock. defeat Joey (Boss that For that Someone Special) with Mai to gain him. defeat Joey (Boss the Phantom Blast, Mission 12) to obtain him West the Ce-Reizo in Break totally free (Mission 9) to get him In War campaign (Mission 1) that is directly in-between Jukhud and Makhad. Loss him and also you get him. Walk through the only in scorched (Mission 14) top top Yugi Side, there, defeat him, Fortress Whale and also Aqua Dragon to acquire them. gain into Tower Pegasis in the Beasty Badlands (Mission 6) ~ above Yugi Side, there, loss him and also he will join you. In Beastly Badlands (Mission 6) walk west (not directly west) the the mountains above Tower Pegasis. To win him, Beast of Gilfer and Neck Hunter to obtain him Liberate research study Guild in Spellcaster (Mission 11) to gain him In Strategy (Mission 3) go North of Dyethuro in the Mt.s with Yugi. He"ll join you without a fight. You need to send Yugi!!!!
Aqua Dragon
Baby Dragon
Beast of Gilfer
Beta the Magnet Warrior
Dark Elf
Dark Magician (Arkana)
Dark Magician (Yugi)
Dark Magician Girl
Fortress Whale
Harpie Lady Ocupete
Machine King
Millennium Golem
Mystic Horseman+Hane-Hane+Man-eater bug
Panther Warrior
Red Eyes black color Dragon
Sanga of the Thunder
Silver Fang
Summoned Skull
The Illusory Gentleman
Time Wizard
Winged Dragon Guardian the the Fortress #1

Contributed by: FantasyGamer, Nintendogamer56, Kayanakoe, Board man

Fusions and Transformations Unlockable Unlockable Use speak to of the grave on Zanki Red-Eyes B. Dragon+Summoned Skull usage black luster ritual on Gaia the fierce items three Blue eyes Berformat+Gazelle Dark Elf+Mystical Elf Mavelus+Winged Eagle Use speak to of the grave on crawling dragon Gaia the fierice+Curse the Dragon Kazejin+ Suijin+Sanga usage black luster routine on Dark Magican use metal morph ~ above zoa Meteor Dragon+ Red Eyes black color Dragon use cocoon of development on petit moth Battleox+Mystic Horseman use metal moph on Red Eyes black color Dragon infant Dragon+ Time sorcerer’s 2 Headed king rex+Thunder Dragon Alpha+Beta+Gamma
Armored Zombie
B. Skull Dragon
Black luster soldier
Blue-Eyes ultimate Dragon
Chimera the paris Mythical Beast
Cosmo Queen
Crimson Sunbird
Dragon zombie
Gaia the Dragon Champ.
Gate Guardian
Magicain of black Caos
Meteor B. Dragon
Perfectly ultimate great moth
Rabid Horseman
Red eye black metal Dragon
Thousand Dragon
Twin headed thunder Dragon

Contributed by: DarkNecrofear

Joey side Unlockables

To accessibility Joey next of the story an initial you have to clear kaiba and yugi next of story.

Unlockable Unlockable Joey Starts v it. Malaikura starts through it. Malaikura starts through it In the mission Minion the Darkness liberate Tower-Deneb Joey Starts through it. beat odion for the critical time on master Plan. beat Marik top top the mission Imposter.
Axe Raider
Embodiment of Apophis
Fairy"s Gift
Gemini Elf (Kachua)
Rocket Warrior
Wing Dragon that Ra

Contributed by: Masteryu

Yugi"s marshals Unlockable Unlockable Beat"Battle for Tsughut" mission. Beat"Betrayal" mission. native start. Beat"Crucial Battle" mission. Beat"Crucial Battle" mission. Beat"Turbulent Waters" mission. From start During"Refugees" mission. Beat"Fury of the empire" mission. native start.
Espa Roba
Mako Tsunami

Contributed by: Darner

Kaiba side Monsters

These are a 2 of the monsters avialale native the Kaiba next Story Mode.

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Unlockable Unlockable "Hand that Fire" walk from the main base directly to the opponents. "Hand of Fire" Take over the foe main base.
Ryu-Kishin Powered

Contributed by: takamanexe

Unlockable Monsters/Items

These are some of the plenty of unlockables in ""Falsebound Kingdom"" If you miss them, you might have to wait a while.

Unlockable Unlockable win the mission finishing Shadi in the Yugi next usage the "Black Luster Ritual" top top Gaia the Fierce knight defeat Arkana in the Yugi setting go to the middle of the lake in the Yugi Mission "Face Off" usage the "Black Luster Ritual" top top Dark Magican
Black Luster Ritual
Black Luster Soldier
Dark Magican #2
Gaia the Fierce Knight
Magican of black color Chaos

Contributed by: takamanexe

Blue eyes White Dragon(Kaiba"s next only)

On Kaiba"s side only have the right to you unlock this powerful dragon

Unlockable Unlockable beat the mr of D. In the Burrow on level 14
Blue eye White Dragon

Contributed by: Masteryu

kaiba"s marshals Unlockable Unlockable Beat"Bandits" mission. Beat"Guidance" mission native start. Beat"Framed" mission from start. native start. Beat"Framed" mission. Beat"Lord the the Plains" mission Beat"Lord of the Forest" mission
Ishizu Ishtar
Labyrinth Ruler
Rex Raptor
Weevil Underwood

Contributed by: Darner

Extra difficulty Mode

(Note: after ~ unlocked, opponent monsters will certainly not it is in the exact same as before)

Unlockable Unlockable Play v all three stories
Challenge setting with her Monsters

Contributed by: yugioh8767

Joey"s Marshals Unlockable Unlockable native start. indigenous start. beat the "Pursuit" mission. native start. do the"Reversal" mission win the "Quick attack" mission.

Contributed by: Darner

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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