10 points Fans must Know about Yu-Gi-Oh Season 0 Yu-Gi-Oh Season 0 is one animated series that is quiet relevant and funny in spite of releasing in Japan 22 years ago. Here"s what you need to know.

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Yu-Gi-Oh Season 0 is an animated collection that is still relevant, entertaining, and also funny despite releasing in Japan 22 year ago. Thanks to the nefarious and even deadly acts of every episode"s villain, and the equally cruel punishments given to them, this show is not recommended because that children.

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However, if teens and also adults desire to see more of the Yu-Gi-Oh characters and less of the map game, Season 0 is worth a watch. As soon as viewing Season 0, fans of the English dubbed anime will uncover plenty of small details and also changes that the English variation made come the initial characters.

Yami Yugi hold Queen of Hearts
while the collection that most people are familiar with has a large focus top top a map game, Yu-Gi-Oh Season 0 mentions the card game only a couple of times throughout the series. This map game also comes through a board that has a unique terrain the affects the stats of each monster. Instead, this season focuses on shadow Games, which space intended to present just just how awful civilization are top top the inside.

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The shadow Game"s template varies depending on the fad or theme covered in each episode, consisting of chess, fortune-telling, and other gamings of luck.

Criminal Hallucinating the He's on Fire
Yami Yugi is a personality that appears whenever Yugi or his friends room distressed or in trouble. Yugi has actually a propensity to attract world who average to take benefit of or injury him because he is the epitome of innocence. Once a villain the cross a line, it makes Yami Yugi show up to an obstacle them to a shadow Game.

The villain constantly ends up shedding or cheating, revealing much more of their ugly nature prior to they are quickly punished. ~ an episode of villains act things ranging from bullying to criminal activities, seeing them get punished is really satisfying.

Seto Kaiba closing Suitcase of Cards
Seto Kaiba is card-obsessed even in Season 0, but fans of Yu-Gi-Oh space greeted v a intuitive surprise when he is first introduced. His hair is a glowing green. That is a small jarring to see his hair, especially after seeing the brown iteration, i m sorry fans can now appreciate more.

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He also wears a white school uniform, also when he transfers to Yugi"s college for a solitary episode. That clashes with the blue uniforms the Yugi"s friend group and suggests that Kaiba never ever had any kind of intention of continuing to be at their college or even becoming Yugi"s friend.

7 there Was an additional Main Character

Miho Nosaka and also Yugi Muto telling Her Stalker off For Drugging their Friends
In Season 0, in enhancement to Yami, Joey, Tristan, and also Tea, there is another main character that is practically always viewed in your friend group. This to be Miho Nosaka. She is an airheaded personality who desires of marrying a wealthy man, making she swoon the minute someone showers her with gifts.

Despite she flaws, she is really protective of her friends. Given that Season 0 was the only collection in i beg your pardon she was a significant character, she was more than likely not popular sufficient to keep appearing as lot in later seasons.

Art often imitates reality. Some people may remember see Tamagotchis being brought to school, a little game in which players could raise a pet. Season 0 shows that fad in a very realistic way.

Tristan spends job leveling increase his pet without getting any kind of sleep, and another college student spends a man amount of money in stimulate to obtain a specific pet. This illustration shows how scary it is when human being get too obsessed end a fad, warning viewers no to allow a video game consume your lives.

5 it Was never Dubbed

Season 0 never received an official English dub, so anyone who desires to watch it needs to watch it in Japanese. Together a result, viewers need to adapt to the character"s initial names. Return Kaiba"s and Yugi"s names space the same, Tristan Taylor is Hiroto Honda, Tea Gardner is Anzu Mazaki, and Joey Wheeler is Katsuya Jonouchi.

The Japanese names are means different native the English variations, so it may take a while come remember that is who. However, the Japanese voice exhilaration is superb.

In the very an initial episode, the head of the disciplinary committee bullies Yugi. He uses his intimidating stature come bully him out of his money, not hesitating to use threats and violence once Yugi can not pay. Nobody on the school staff makes any kind of attempt come intervene, for this reason Yami Yugi has to take care of the problem himself.

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In an additional episode, a teacher that is fixated top top making institution rules manipulates the rest of the staff and even coerces students right into assaulting others. It"s a corruption system, and also unfortunately, the students are left come fend for themselves.

3 The Anime tried To make Yoyos Threatening

because that one episode, Joey is forced to rejoin a team of thugs that he used to cave out with in center school. These thugs are known for beating up civilization with yoyos and also taking your possessions.

This is a ridiculous episode, as once Tristan tries to fight the group"s leader, the other members menacingly swing your yoyos about him in one motions. Although Season 0 is well-known for gift a dark er anime, it has plenty of stunner moments prefer this.

when Kaiba deals with off versus Yami Yugi because that the an initial time, their game ends in a draw. For someone who cases to be a grasp at cards, this was humiliating to him. That boldly claims that he will certainly not rest until the crushes Yugi... Climate he proceeds come send henchmen to carry out his dirty work. This henchmen are video game Masters who an obstacle Yami Yugi come games, prior to proceeding come lose.

When Yugi is intimidated by an additional person who wants to stealing a card from him, Kaiba intervenes to help him out. Kaiba insurance claims that he desires to it is in the one to defeat him but a tiny later, he sends out yet an additional henchman ~ Yugi.

1 Tristan has A to like On Miho

Tristan"s character and also motivations are characterized by Miho. Smitten through her, all she needs to do is cry or speak loudly around what the wants. Not also a minute later, the is over there to either protect her respect or to obtain her everything she asks for.

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He is even willing come wait in line for hours to gain her the minimal edition clock she wants. The is a little frustrating because that viewers to see him constantly talk about and prioritize someone who is one of two people oblivious come his feel or simply using him.

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