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Generally, kids under __________ and about 1 year of age should journey in a security seat secured to the earlier seat, encountering the rear of the vehicle.

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➜ Generally, youngsters under __________ and about one year of period should drive in a safety seat secured come the ago seat, dealing with the behind of the vehicle.A.) 50 poundsB.) 30 poundsC.) 20 poundsD.) 40 pounds
Child security seat installation deserve to be ______ as result of the range of chair belt configurations, vehicle and also child safety seat designs.A.) simpleB.) unnecessaryC.) difficultD.) nobody of the above
You room pulled over by an officer. Neither your 16-year-old son, your 12-year-old daughter nor you have actually seat belts on. Which statement is correct?A.) You have the right to be cited for all three seat belt violations.B.) it is likely that you will certainly be permit go v a warning.C.) the is likely that you will be arrested.D.) the is likely that just your 16 year-old son will it is in cited.
The regulation requires every driver to correctly secure children __________ years of age or younger in child restraint devices.A.) 4B.) 5C.) 6D.) 7
plenty of of the injuries and also deaths kids sustain in motor car crashes deserve to be avoided with the correct use of child safety seats and safety belts.A.) TRUEB.) FALSE
that is not your duty as a driver to make certain that all children are effectively restrained or secured through a safety and security belt in your vehicle.A.) TRUEB.) FALSE
unequal an integrated auto seat or a different carrier, child carriers or children’s automobile seats have to be provided for children up to __________ years of age and also younger.➜ infant carriers or children’s vehicle seats need to be offered for youngsters up come __________ years of age and younger.A.) 2B.) 3C.) 4D.) 5
infants under the period of one and also less than 35 lbs (pounds) must be in one infant only child seats that room ____________ and also installed in the __________ seat.A.) rear-facing, front-facingB.) front, backC.) rear-facing, back
girlfriend must ar a boy in an incorporated child chair if the child is.A.) three years of age and under.B.) Under ripe years the age.C.) Under 60 pounds.
once transporting a child who is under the period of 6 and also weighs under 60 pounds, the child must be in one approved security seat.A.) TRUEB.) FALSE
If you use a booster seat, constantly use it through a __________A. Lap and also shoulder belt.B. Tethered harness through lap belt.C. Shield with security belt.D. Every one of the above
If you room using a seat made for infants only, friend should always place it:
Correct Answer: D. In the ago seat encountering the back of the seat her child might be seriously injured or also die if the child safety and security seat is mounted incorrectly in her vehicle.A.) TRUEB.) FALSE
kids 5 years of age and also under execute not need to be inserted in a properly installed crash experiment federally approved restraint deviceA.) TRUEB.) FALSE
youngsters through 3 years of age the restraint device must be a separate carrier or a automobile manufacturer’s combined child seat.A.) TRUEB.) FALSE
failure to review the child safety and security seat installation instructions and/or automobile owner manual instructions concerning safety belts could result in major injury or fatality as a an outcome of a failure of the child safety seat to be securely and/or appropriately installed.A.) TRUEB.) FALSE
The driver the a motor vehicle is responsible come ensure the a kid is appropriately restrained in a child safety seat or seat belt together required. A.) TRUEB.) FALSE
The number __________ killer the young youngsters in the United says is web traffic crashes in which children were no restrained in ~ all.A.) oneB.) twoC.) threeD.) four
To protect the child, the child safety seat used must have actually a brand saying the it meets __________ motor security standards.A.) federalB.) DMVC.) the U.S. Department of Transportation
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