Here"s why we love the song "Fishin" In the Dark" for this reason much.

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When to be the very first time you heard the Nitty Gritty dust Band"s hit track "Fishin" In The Dark?" It to be from the 1987 album "Hold On," and not long after its release, the track peaked at number 1 ~ above the U.S. Billboard Hot nation Songs chart. In some ways, it has actually never looked back.

Just since we hunt, fish, love the outdoors, and raise our households to do the same, doesn"t median that we and everyone else instantly likes nation music. Some songs transcend the line in between Rock & Roll, Honkey Tonk, and also the Blues to rise in as whole popularity.

"Fishin" In the Dark" does the with adjust to spare.

It"s additionally not very often that you find yourself listening to a tune with a team of lyrics that sets it except the others in a way that might be a little, well, bawdy in that is form. At the same time, you"ll be tough pressed to find even the staunchest conservative people that don"t gain a wry laugh from a track that we"ve to be singing because before few of you to be born.

As lot as we might want to hope that this attractive melody was made by a other fisherman, the moral truth is that singer/songwriter Jim Photoglo knew he to be onto something great when he play this bouncy track for fellow songwriter Wendy Waldman. And you might be surprised to recognize that, together the Tennessean reported, "he really, yes, really didn"t want to rotate it right into a song around fishing."

Just therefore Mr. Photoglo knows, us don"t constantly see it that way anyway.

Fishin" in the Dark

An official music video clip may not exist (or at the very least be quickly found) for "Fishin" In the Dark," yet there space plenty that versions obtainable on YouTube, consisting of this "Official Vinyl Video" native RHINO"s YouTube channel.

Since you yes, really don"t should watch the video, just click play, rotate it increase a bit, and keep scrolling because that the lyrics.

The remainder of the Story

Country acts the likes of the exceptional Garth Brooks and also Kenny Chesney have actually either taped this track or played it live for countless years, and also that"s just to name a few. Also the famed Billboard Magazine had actually an post stating the the tune was still getting so much airplay virtually 30 years later that it should still be provided on the charts at about #57, or at least among the height 100!

Back in 2015, Photoglo spoke v The Tennessean to attend to the song"s origin and also how the eventually ended up being such a hit.

The planets had aligned because that Photoglo since the Nitty Gritty Dirt band had already recorded one of his songs, and also since friend and producer mockery Leo had taken the reigns that the NGDB that said, "Man, the dust Band, this is perfect because that them."

Not just that, however in all the years because they tape-recorded the song, it"s practically impossible to perform the variety of other songs that likewise reference "Fishin" in the Dark" in your lyrics, for this reason it"s been an enormously significant song.

I have actually been a pan of this track for many years, in addition to the lovely outdoors woman in mine life, so much so the we also refer come it as "Our Song" and can just smile when it comes on the radio.

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You and me go fishin"(You and also me go fishin in the dark)In the dark lyin" on ours backs and countin" the starsWhere the cool grass grows, down by the river(Down by the light)In the complete moonlight we"ll be fallin" in love in the center of the night(We"ll be fallin in love)Just movin" slow

You and me go fishin"(You and also me go fishin in the dark)In the dark lyin" on our backs and countin" the starsWhere the cool grass growsDown by the flow in the full moonlight(Down by the light)We"ll be fallin" in love in the center of the night...