Yo soybean beans Boricua, pa'que tu lo sepas! through Cecille - April 2015 Scholarship Essay

“I didn’t think Puerto Ricans to be so smart.”

I looked blankly at my co-worker, in slight disbelief at what he had actually just said.

“I mean, don’t take this the dorn way, but you’re kind of nerdy because that a Puerto Rican.”I paused because that a moment, thinking of a witty retort. What is a Puerto Rican an alleged to be?

It’s a concern I’ve struggled to answer myself. Growing up in the north suburbs that Chicago, i didn’t have many Puerto Rican, let alone Hispanic, classmates. While my classmates brought in peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches, I brought arroz con gandules. Ns came house to Spanish-speaking parents that weren’t aware of the requirement of brownies and also soft-baked cookie in mine lunchbox. Over there was always a tug-of-war inside me fighting over whether ns was yes, really Puerto Rican, offered my Americanized Spanish, or just passing because that one.

Thanks to my parents’ commitment to education, my brothers and I to be enrolled at well-respected schools. My parents worked tirelessly come afford private education for us. We thrived, and for me, mine parents’ work-related ethic analyzed to the academic scene. I excelled in mine classes and loved learning.

Fast-forward a couple of years, and also I was informing a co-worker about my plans because that graduate school. I arrangement on completing a master’s level in theology through the expect of going ~ above a doctoral program. Ns envision myself as a professor, steeped in the best environment because that learning: a university.

It to be then that he make those remarks the took me aback. I was aghast, frustrated, and also admittedly speechless regarding how I’d respond. For every my education, ns myself had actually encountered couple of Hispanic scholars. It no this the frustrated me most, however; it was realizing that stereotypes and racism were still alive and also well, even amongst young world in the twenty-first century.

Combating together generalizations is amongst the chief work of education: to expand and inform students of truth. Education opens the mind to other ideas and also to a different way of thinking. Education and learning is the way to do the civilization a better place in almost every method imaginable. Indigenous my own conversation through my co-worker to the higher task of removed discrimination in our world, education can boost the resides of all.

Education will be the course to mine future career. It will certainly be the method with i m sorry I have the right to share my very own love the knowledge and also learning through others. Education is more than an institution: that is a way of life, one avenue because that bettering oneself and one’s community. The is via learning and education that life-changing and life-saving innovations have actually been created. There is undoubtedly couple of more crucial roles 보다 the one education plays for society.

Education will also enable me the possibility to shatter few of the ideas held of my people; i hope to contribute to the job-related of hispanic academics and also share this v the world.

And what of my co-worker? i responded with a polite thank-you, embracing the function as a nerd together a argorial of pride. Ns will proceed to be proud of my scholastic achievements, and perhaps v person-to-person conversations, i can aid in tearing down stereotypes.

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Yo soybean beans Boricua, pa’que tu lo sepas! i am Boricua, just so you know; ns am forever proud to stand for the island that enchantment.