Summary the the civicpride-kusatsu.netmon money symbols, including each money name, visual and also description:

SymbolSymbol nameSymbol architecture description


CentsOne vertical or diagonal bar through a small letter letter "c".

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Pounds or LiraOne or two horizontal and parallel bars v a cursive funding letter "L".


Yuan or YenOne or two horizontal bars through a capital letter "Y".

EuroTwo horizontal and also parallel bars with a resources letter "C" (so it to represent a resources letter "E"). Derived from the Greek symbol because that Epsilon ε.


Dollars, Pesos, Bolivianos, Reais, Colones or CordobasOne or two vertical bars with a funding letter "S".

FrancShort horizontal bar above the baseline of a capital letter "F".

ColónTwo vertical or diagonal line bars with a small letter letter "c". No to be puzzled with the symbol because that cents.

PesoOne or 2 horizontal and also parallel bars through the loop of a resources letter "P".

Rials or RiyalsArabic symbol.

Shekelcivicpride-kusatsu.netbination of the two Hebrew letter "ש" and "ח". Looks choose a lowercase letter "r" interlinked with one more rotated 180 degrees.

WonTwo horizontal and parallel bars v the capital letter "W".

KipOne horizontal bar v a capital letter "K".


Denar or DinarCyrillic letter "De" д with lowercase "e" and also uppercase "H".

RupeesCapital letter "R" v a small letter letter "s".
Rupee (Indian)Looks like a funding letter "R" v a missing upright, and also two parallel and horizontal bars toward the optimal of the letter.

TugriksTwo diagonal and also parallel bars with the a funding letter "T".


Florin, Gulden or GuilderItalicised small letter letter "f" v a hook.

NiaraTwo horizontal and also parallel lines with a resources letter "N".

ZlotychLowercase letter "z" v a letter "l" v diagonal bar.


RussiaLowercase letter "py" and Cyrillic letter "б".


BahtCapital letter "B" through a upright bar through it.

DongLowercase letter "d" through a horizontal bar with the ascender and also another below the letter.

RielsKhmer symbol

KorunaCapital letter "K" through a small letter letter "c" through a caron accent.


CedisLowercase letter "c" with a vertical or contempt diagonal bar.

HryvniaLooks similar to a funding letter "S" through two horozontal bars through it.

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Generic money symbolDenotes money when suitable symbol is no available. Circle v lines prolonging outwards towards NE, SE, SW and NW.

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