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Ding Fries room Done is a parody music video based ~ above the Christmas carol track Carol of the Bells, sung through a mysterious singer only well-known as "Billy." The parodied text details an mean work shift at a local fast food branch, like making french fries and also rocking the file hats.

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"Ding Fries are Done" is a solitary track turn off a 1993 Christmas album title A an extremely Spastic Christmas.

LyricsI work-related at citizens King making flame-broiled whoppers, i wear document hats.Would you like an to apologize pie through that?Would you favor an apologize pie with that?Ding! Fries space done. Ding! Fries space done.Ding! Fries space done. Ding! Fries space done.I gotta run. I gotta run. Ns gotta run. I gotta run.Don"t bob for fries in warm fat.They hurt bad and also so do skin grafts.Would you choose an apple pie with that?Would you favor an apple pie through that?Where is the bell? Wait because that the bell.Can"t hear the bell. Wherein is the bell? While it is likely that this commercial was a mock up the was never ever aired but the record album walk exist. The album was accessible on cassette ice only and also could it is in ordered by mailing a examine to a PO box in Burbank, California. On December 11th, 1994, "Ding Fries space Done" to be featured because that the first time on the Dr. Demento radio present as component of his annual Christmas-themed episodes. It has been featured over an additional 40 time on the show because then.



Years ~ the flash video appeared, neighborhoods like the eBaums people forums began asking questions about the origin of the song. Currently, the identity of "Billy" is suspect to be someone named Brent Calvin.

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Family male EffectThe famous flash video received its "kiss that death" when it was parodied through the famous animated TV collection Family Guy in the illustration "Deep Throats" aired in April 2006. The Google Insights chart shows just a small spike in popularity in the month, and also since 2006, the popular of the song has been lowered significantly. For an ext information on this phenomenon, you re welcome read family Guy Effect.