Wizards of Waverly Place: 5 points That readjusted After The Pilot (& 5 That stayed The Same) Wizards that Waverly location made a star that Selena Gomez and fans of millions of kids. Yet not everything collection up in that is pilot finished up panning out.

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Wizards the Waverly ar Alex, Max, Justin, and also Harper (Who will certainly Be The family Wizard) (My 2 Harpers)
Wizards the Waverly Place lugged magic, comedy, and much more to Disney Channel. Naturally, as personalities grow and also change, that they space at the beginning of a collection may evolve through the end. The pilot episode did its work-related by introducing the core characters and other vital elements that the series.

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The first episode alone introduce the lair, Waverly Substation, and Tribeca Prep, every one of which room locations that remain an important part that the present for as long as that aired. However, as a present continues, the elements of the collection grow with the characters, widening the world. Wizards the Waverly Place aired for 4 seasons, and also while some facets of the display stayed the exact same as time walk on, various other details were added or changed.

back Alex and Harper had actually been friends because that years, Harper go not know Alex"s greatest secret. The Russo siblings" miracle powers required to be maintained a secret, therefore Harper stayed in the dark because that years, still no being aware of the fact in the pilot.

However, this is just one of the details that readjusted the most. Throughout the season 2 episode, "Harper Knows," the long list that lies Alex had told Harper records up to she at PopCon. Finally, Alex expose magic come Harper, and for the remainder of the series, Harper is in ~ above the Russo"s secret.

from the very first moment the the series, it was clear the Justin to be the most interested in academics. Whether it be in magic or human being studies, he exceled. This never adjusted throughout the 4 seasons, together Justin remains the many in song with academics till the collection finale.

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Justin confirmed his knowledge through building robots, inventing his own spell, and also tutoring a group of delinquents. Return Justin is no the only smart personality on the show, that is absolutely the brightest.

when Alex duplicates it s her to meet Harper in ~ the crazy Ten-Minute Sale, she makes it Max"s responsibility to store an eye on her duplicate and also make sure Jerry doesn"t realize what has occurred. However, when Max can"t save up the ruse, Jerry realizes what has happened and leaves to acquire Alex.

All the while, Justin had sat ago and watched Max attempt to covering for their sister. Back the Russo brothers all end up extending for each other at different points in the series, Justin i do not care the main person Alex gets to covering for her or help her as soon as things walk wrong.

7 continued to be The Same: Waverly Substation

from the start of the series, the Russo family owned and also worked at the Waverly Substation. The sandwich shop mainly employed the family, and the vegetables cooler likewise secretly held the family"s wizard lair.

It was a running joke throughout the collection that the sandwich shop was not very successful nor was it recognized for the greatest quality food. The Waverly Substation is one of the most vital locations in the whole series, and part of the series finale consisted of Alex, Justin, and also Max joining pressures to make certain their dad doesn"t nearby it.

In the pilot, Harper attract rainbow socks and also a sunflower shirt. Back that may be out of the ordinary in the realm of the series, it is relatively tame in comparison to what Harper put on later. Harper was well-known for designing and also putting together her own clothes.

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Harper"s fashion sense was always different from anyone else"s, but Harper"s outfits don"t come alive till after the pilot. In later episodes and seasons, Harper"s outfits genuinely take on a life of their own, and also one the the most comedic components of the series involved Harper"s clothes.

5 stayed The Same: All The kids Get In Trouble

Alex might be the most well-known to cause mayhem and also mischief, yet Justin and Max definitely had their share of trouble too. In "Crazy Ten-Minute Sale," Alex gets caught for using the duplication spell come ditch magic lessons. When Jerry confronts all 3 siblings, he must confront not just Alex"s an option but Max having damaged Jerry"s old wand in half and Justin breaking Jerry"s drill. Over time the kids still discover ways to reason trouble.

The series premiere reflects that if Alex can be sneaky, she is additionally bullied at institution by Gigi. Alex and also Gigi had actually been enemies because kindergarten, and also the two make several referrals to Gigi beating Alex in many of their interactions.

This is a stark distinction from the cunning person Alex later becomes. However, although the pilot appears to collection up a major rivalry between the two, Gigi only shows up in two other episodes of the show— a second time in season one, and also once early on in season two. Afterward, Gigi was composed out the the display entirely.

3 continued to be The Same: Max Causes Mischief

After gaining his new wand, Max security his very first day with it making use of a mimic attribute on Alex"s duplicate. Any activity Max provides Alex"s duplicate do, the real Alex copies as well. However, Max"s chaotic use of magic proceeds throughout the series. In season three, Max miscasts a spell leading to his conscience coming to life.

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However, while Alex"s misuse of magic is miscellaneous she deserve to usually uncover a method to fix, occasionally Max goes overboard. Quickly after publication his conscience, Max decides to sabotage Justin"s brand-new job together a Monster Hunter by freeing all the monsters from a pamphlet into new York.

In the end, only one is intended to keep their powers. However, that information is never contained in the pilot episode. Instead, the series gives the impression that all three would proceed to have magic.

Alex, Justin, and Max would eventually have to compete against each other to save their magic. However, if the full wizard were to autumn in love v a mortal, that human being would have actually to offer up their powers to marry the mortal, which is what Jerry did when he married Theresa.

1 stayed The Same: Alex"s Schemes

The first real system viewers see Alex Russo initiate is come duplicate herself. The actual Alex would certainly attend the crazy Ten-Minute sale while her duplicate would remain for sorcerer’s lessons. In virtually every episode, Alex is in ~ the helm the a prank, scheme, or miracle mischief.

Although the plot themselves readjusted over time, the ide of Alex wishing to obtain away with something stays a regular part of the show. Alex might not constantly get far with everything she does, but part of the fun is the conflict.

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