If you try to open a compressed ZIP or RAR archive document and conference the error article "The archive is one of two people in one unknown layout or damaged", climate this short article can help you. In this article, we will find out the reason and carry out an proper solution to shot to assist you deal with this problem. Choose other develops of files, archive records are vulnerable to part logical problems. You may encounter this error because of corruption that RAR or ZIP compressed files. The most typical reasons for archive document corruption are severe virus infection, and also CRC (cyclic redundancy check) errors.

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1. Run an antivirus scan

If the compressed or RAR archive record is damaged, as soon as you try to open the archive, you may receive the archive is one of two people in an unknown format or damaged message. You can use home windows Defender or any well-known third-party antivirus software to operation a finish system antivirus scan. If the trouble is still not resolved, friend can try the next solution.

2. Repair corrupted/damaged RAR/ZIP paper with WinRAR

WinRAR has actually a built-in document repair function, friend can try to usage WinRAR to fix damaged RAR/ZIP save on computer files. Examine the complying with steps.

Step 1. Open WinRAR top top the computer. In the attend to bar the WinRAR, girlfriend can find the location of the corrupted RAR/ZIP file.

Step 2. Next, you can select the damaged RAR/ZIP paper and click the "Repair" button on the toolbar.


Tip: you can also find the damaged RAR/ZIP file, and also then right-click it to pick "Open v WinRAR". Then, friend can click on the device on the toolbar and also select Repair Archive.

Step 3. In the pop-up window, you can click Browse to select the location path or folder to store the repaired RAR/ZIP file, and then click OK to start repairing the damaged RAR/ZIP file.

Step 4. ~ the repair procedure is completed, you deserve to close the paper repair home window and then open up the destination folder to inspect the repaired RAR/ZIP archive file. The name of the repaired paper can it is in rebuilt.filename.rar or rebuilt.filename.zip.

3. Usage a paper repair tool to fix damaged/corrupted RAR/ZIP files

You can likewise use a third-party RAR paper repair tool to fix corrupted or damaged RAR/ZIP archives. Optimal RAR/ZIP archive file repair tools include: PowerArchiver, DiskInternals ZIP repair, Zip2Fix, object repair Zip, Remo fix RAR, DataNumen RAR repair, SysInfoTools save recovery, Rar fix tool, ALZip, etc. Many of them room not free.

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You may additionally find some digital RAR/ZIP archive record repair website that enable you to upload the damaged RAR record and download the repaired file. However, the easiest and safest technique we recommend to fix RAR/ZIP records is tho WinRAR.