NOTE: as of January 10, 2017, Microsoft end to assistance Windows Movie Maker. The windows Movie machine application will proceed to function, however, and also can quiet be used by those who like it. We are keeping the Movie an equipment posts in ~ TechEase since we find that many world are still making use of the application and come come the TechEase site searching for the particular help us offer.

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CAUTION: while installation documents that to be downloaded directly from Microsoft room safe, there are now countless reports that non-Microsoft cheat websites offering malware execution of Movie machine for download. While this malware may duty at first, it ultimately will need payment for features such as saving a file. Never ever download software from one untrusted source.

The video clip you shoot v your video clip camera will usually have audio the is recorded along with it. When you trim the video clip on your computer system using home windows Movie Maker, the audio will certainly be trimmed as well. Likewise, once you separation a video clip, the audio will be split at the same point as the video.

You can add a different audio track to your movie by importing an audio document into the Collection, climate dragging the imported audio clip into the Audio/Music monitor in the timeline.

Once the audio clip is in the timeline, you deserve to trim the the same means your trim video clips:

Position the cursor over the beginning or end of the audio clip till you see a twin arrow.
Drag in to readjust the expression of the audio clip.To readjust the audio level, click the collection Audio levels button above the timeline.
Use the slider in the popup window to change the audio level in between Audio from video and Audio/Music.

When you’re finished setting the audio level, near the popup home window by clicking the X in the upper right corner.To separation an audio clip:

Positon the playhead wherein you desire to separation the audio clip.Click ~ above the separation button in the Preview pane, choose Clip > Split, or press control + l on her keyboard.

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You will end up through two different clips you can add effects to or relocate independently.If you would certainly rather have actually just the audio native the Audio/Music monitor play, you can mute the audio native the video clip clip by selecting Clip > Audio > Mute while you have the video clip selected. You can add a fade in or fade out result to your audio track by selecting Clip > Audio > Fade In or Fade Out.