I have actually a Nickel stole Winchester model 12 full Choke make patent 1913 serial number 262717. Any type of ideas top top value?

Wouldn"t the Winchester version 12 with a year of produce of 1913 be a 20 GA. Only due to the fact that the Winchester model 12 was first offered in 12 GA. And also 16 GA. Start in 1914? you re welcome correct me if I"m wrong. If it"s a Winchester make in 1913, shouldn"t it be significant as version 1912 also?

10 year ago

Bert, I check out that girlfriend are into collecting Winchester rifles...I"m make the efforts to discover a value on a Winchester 1912 20 gauge pump activity shotgun. That is nickel plated and the Serial Number is 7581...which ns know method it to be made roughly 1913. The is in excellent condition and the just reason I want to to buy it. The sell price that what the human being are asking is $800. Worth it? If so, just how much an ext would it in reality increase?


Bert H.

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10 years ago

Hello Lynn,

Yes, you can say that i am an avid collector of Winchester firearms. I generally collect the version 1885 single Shot Rifle, but additionally like the design 1894, and also the 1893/1897 shotguns.

In regards to your question about the model 1912... Room you certain that the is nickel plated? The beforehand guns were made with a nickel stole barrel... Is the what you space referring to?

Without the advantage of see the pistol (or several images of it), I can not speak if $800 is a great price or not, or if it has actually the potentential to increase in value. Serial number 7581 was manufacured in December that 1912.

Bert H.

10 years ago

I"m optimistic that it"s nickel plated, it"s imprinted ~ above the barrel the it is. I"ve watched the gun and also have a photo on my cell phone...so it might not be the biggest photo. But it"s in great condition and also I"m pretty certain it"s no a replica or fake. In taking care of the gun for a tiny while, that doesn"t have excessive weight prefer some of the shotguns I"ve hosted before. If you"d like, therefore I deserve to respond a small faster, feel complimentary to email me in ~ directly. I could additionally attach the photo that method from my cabinet phone since my emails come through on there.


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10 years ago

Well...didn"t look like my email went through due to the fact that it simply says whereby I placed it. Therefore I"ll write-up it this way, just in case. T a b i t h a s p i k e r y a h o o c o m No spaces in ~ all. Whatever is actually together. Maybe it won"t review it like that.

Bert H.
10 year ago

Hello Lynn,

The stamped noting that you describe on the barrel is "NICKEL STEEL", and also that is the specific alloy the the steel supplied to do the barrel. That does not average that the pistol is nickel-plated.

In 30+ years of collecting Winchesters, I have never seen a nickel-plated Winchester version 1912. What I have seen, room a the majority of the older firearms that have actually the original blued complete worn off of them come the suggest they room bare steel (and look prefer they are stainless steel or nickel plated).

I will certainly send you an e-mail so the you deserve to forward pictures to me.

Bert H.

9 year ago

Bert I have a 1912 nickel steel winchester 20 gauge 2 3/4 complete # 727 I replaced the butt yet I conserved the original. Any idea what is might be precious ?



brandon crum
9 years ago

What about the 1897 model exactly how much the go because that in great shape???

3 years ago


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