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Description: Winchester version 190 Semi-Auto .22LR Rifle. The Winchester version 190 semi-automatic .22 rimfire rifle was made from 1967 to 1980. That was usually a variant of the version 290, which first appeared in 1965, but did not have actually the 290’s pick Monte Carlo stock. Model 190s come in both rifle and carbine configurations. Caliber/ Gauge: .22 Long; Serial Number: 617585 functioning Order: Firearm has not been tested; background Check: Required; Keywords: Firearms, firearms This rifle is in great condition with minimal indications of wear native light indications of use. Please see pictures for details.; Ref: BD2021

Notes: ***FFL forced For All guns Manufactured ~ 1898: Out-of-State Buyers guns must be shipped v our 3rd Party Shipper Westside letter Center and also ALL guns Manufactured ~ 1898 need to be shipped to a valid holder of a Federal firearms License. Prior to PLACING BIDS ~ above FIREARMS, inspect YOUR STATE and COUNTY regulations TO VERIFY THE FIREARM IS legitimate IN her STATE. It is the Bidders obligation to know or verify the legality the a particular Firearm or Magazine before placing any type of bids. Weapons UNABLE to BE shipped TO her STATE WILL result IN A REFUND MINUS A 25% tide FEE and SHIPPING expenses IF APPLICABLE; local Arizona Buyers MUST have a valid ARIZONA ID through a current Physical address and MUST complete all vital background and registration develops at Bradford"s Auction Gallery weapons Manufactured ~ 1898. Any type of DENIED BACKGROUND inspect WILL an outcome IN A REFUND MINUS A 25% restocking FEE ****; Dimensions: 20.5" barrel Artist Name: Winchester Condition: This rifle is in good condition v minimal signs of wear indigenous light signs of use. You re welcome see images for details.
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American Express, ko (cash top top delivery), Discover, MasterCard, Other, Visa, cable Transfer

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