People frequently want to know if rat poison and also anti-freeze can be provided to kill skunks, raccoons and also other wildlife. They wonder if fox urine, moth balls and also other popular repellents can help keep squirrels, opossum and wild critters away. We"ve also had people ask us why your dog"s feces is turquoise. Few of the answers might not be what you desire to hear, yet we have actually them for you just the same, due to the fact that knowing the truth can be vital when it involves solving your wildlife problems safely, humanely and effectively.

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Poisons and repellents peak the list once it concerns wildlife regulate questions the homeowners and businesses are searching for answers to...

Will Rat Poison death a Raccoon? ... A Skunk?

Rat poison occasionally kills raccoons, skunks, squirrels and also other animals and wildlife, consisting of dogs, hawks and also eagles that die from secondary poisoning. Keep in mind the photo of the raccoon feces we uncovered in one attic - part of the is turquoise, which suggests that the raccoon ate the poison.


Many people want to understand why your dogs" feces is turquoise... In most cases it end up being because the dog ate rat poison that had actually been left out to target nuisance wildlife.However, in plenty of cases, targeted wildlife is too smart come eat all of the poison - or even sufficient for that to death them.

Can Anti freeze Be used To kill a Raccoon? ... A Skunk?

Anti freeze occasionally kills raccoons, skunks, squirrels and also other animals. In the photo below, a homeowner test to execute do it you yourself raccoon removal using antifreeze and also rat poison. One of our team specialists was referred to as in to eliminate the remaining raccoons in the attic and also exclude them correctly to stop future issues.

So, what happens if the anti-freeze or rat poison does not kill the skunk or raccoon? specifically where does it die? Skunks and also raccoons execute not commonly go the end in the middle of the garden to dice in a convenient location for you. If the is at this time living under your house or in your attic, the animal will die there in most cases, or fall behind a wall surface - we know - we get numerous calls to remove dead poisoned animals. Cutting feet in walls, roofs, and ceilings to eliminate dead wildlife can become an extremely expensive, an extremely quickly.

Note the photo listed below of the dead computer mouse that we had to remove from a client"s house. Since of the smell the filled the entire house, this one dead mouse compelled the master to move into a hotel.


Hotel fees, drywall repair, painting, deodorizing, dead pets... Just how much did the rat poison to the eliminate the computer mouse really cost? how much worse would it it is in if it was a larger animal such together a skunk, squirrel or raccoon?

We have much better solutions than poisons and also anti-freeze.

What If ns Accidentally kill My Neighbor"s Pet?

It is necessary to understand that over there is an ext at threat than money or emotion - that is against the legislation to accidentally death a pet, neighbor"s pet, or other pets with rat poison, antifreeze, gopher strychnine or any kind of other poison the is no intended for that animal. In many cases, that is a felony.

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Antifreeze companies have recently agreed to add a bittering agent right into all antifreeze so animals will no longer be attractive to it, consisting of wildlife.

Do Moth Balls, Fox Urine, Or other Repellents Work?

Shake Away, moth balls, hill lion feces, and coyote urine are just a couple of of the many popular repellents the end there that people attempt to usage to get rid of squirrels, raccoons, opossums or skunks. On occasion they may appear to work, however it is most most likely a coincidence.

One homeowner heard 설 설 in the attic. The fox urine product lock bought did not scare the squirrels the end - it simply quieted castle down, for this reason the homeowner nailed a board over the hole.

Soon ~ a dead animal smell began coming indigenous the attic and also our firm was dubbed in to investigate.

They did eliminate their squirrels - by accidentally trapping them right into the attic and also killing them. ~ a part of a wall and ceiling were removed, the dead squirrels were taken out, the area treated for dead animal smells, the drywall repaired, texturized, painted and also so forth... How much did that perform it yourself fox to pee repellant really price that client?