In our recent question and also answer, the pharmacist discusses whether or no phentermine will present up on a drug test.

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la la asked

I just took a Phentermine in ~ 11:04am Sunday. I need to take a drug test by 4:30pm this Tuesday (2 job away). I have a high metabolism and also I drink several water. Can I happen this test by then? I"ve just taken one and also won"t take it another?


Phentermine can be recognize on urine drug tests if that is gift tested for.In addition, phentermine, which is very closely related come amphetamine, has actually been reported to cause false-positive tests because that methamphetamine.

Based top top the pharmacokinetic file of phentermine, it have the right to last in her body for practically 5 days together the half-life the the medicine is reasonably long, about 19-24 hours.

In terms of drug testing specifically, many institutes enable you to give them a list of prescription medicines when a drug display screen comes ago positive, so when you are able to carry out a prescription for phentermine they likely will report ago to whoever bespeak the drug display screen that you are clean.

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Phentermine Information

Phentermine is a stimulant the suppresses appetite and is used to act obesity. This is a controlled substance, for this reason it deserve to only be derived by a prescription in the united States. This medicine is commonly dosed 1-2 times a day and this is because of the reality that this medication has actually a long duration of action in the human body (around 8-14 hours) and a solitary dose have the right to stay in the body because that upwards that 100 hours.

Phentermine drug Testing

On most five-panel drug screening tests, they will certainly test because that amphetamines. When a patient does test positive for a substance, many drug screening infrastructure will permit the patient to provide prescription medicine lists together there space a number of prescription medications (phentermine included) the will reason a false positive.

When a prescription because that a medication is noted they typically amend the medicine test to show that over there is, in fact, no positive an outcome when reporting to the party that ordered the test.

Based ~ above the time frame you listed (2 days), it will certainly most likely take longer than that for phentermine come leave her system and you likely will have a optimistic drug screen for some form of amphetamine (e.g. Methamphetamine). It may be a great idea to determine up front exactly how to provide the drug screening college with a list of your prescription drugs so the they are far better able to evaluate your medicine test.