This drama series centers roughly two Canadian families, one of them a group of rich developers and also the various other a widow and her three daughters, together they fight over property of some ranch land. The collection aired top top the CBC because that a single season in 2009.

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Kate second guesses her rash decision to flee Rivercross with Peter when his truck breaks down and also they can"t uncover work, until she lastly breaks down herself and sleeps v him.

When David pressures every oil company in Alberta come shun the Henrys, Lucy proposes a partnership through the just oilman she trusts – Will. But, can the remainder of the Henry females truly trust a McGregor?

Charlotte gets an unexpected16th birthday present – a visit from her birth mommy Yvonne. But, why won"t Yvonne tell her that her dad is?
Will turns the Henrys" world upside down when he discover there"s oil under Rivercross – and also lots that it. Currently the question is: how do they gain at that – or have to they?
Haunted by Dillon"s mysterious phone message, Maggie help Kate search for Dillon"s falsely accused murderer – Briggs. John Cameron threatens to bankrupt David if he doesn"t get his oil.
Traumatized by detect Dillon"s body, Charlotte falls deeper into Jude"s world and gets caught vandalizing SUV"s. Romance in between Lucy and also Will heats up, until Lucy tells will she doubt his dad was affiliated in Dillon"s death.
Maggie"s concern around the increasingly rebellious Charlotte is deepened once she find pot in a coat she borrowed from Jude. AWOL soldier Briggs is compelled to leave Rivercross, yet not prior to a passionate kiss with Kate.
Charlotte"s an initial drunken residence party is also the site of her an initial drunken to like –the intoxicating cute and worldly ecological crusader Jude.
Will should decide even if it is to protect Lucy native a lecherous client or protect a deal that his family"s firm desperately needs.
Lucy rental hunky and also mysterious stranger Briggs to occupational at the ranch. The Henry herd is imperiled through an mountain spill brought about by David"s drilling operations.
When the daughter of among David"s prospective suppliers enters the rodeo vain Kate is in, David forces Peter to become her trainer, leave Kate in the dust – literally.
When The Henrys" breeder bull dies, Kate and also Lucy get caught rustling a bull indigenous the McGregors" stables. When Dillon discovers there might be oil under Rivercross, David is an ext determined than ever before to take Rivercross by any way necessary.
After Maggie spurns David"s affections in ~ Rebecca and Trevor"s lavish engagement party, David becomes identified to take-over Rivercross.

This drama collection centers around two Canadian families, among them a team of well-off developers and the various other a widow and also her three daughters, together they fight over ownership of some ranch land. The series aired top top the CBC for a single season in 2009. Wild Roses is a collection that is at this time running and has 1 seasons (13 episodes). The series an initial aired top top January 7, 2009.

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Where to watch Wild Roses

Wild Roses is accessible for streaming top top the Fireworks global website, both separation, personal, instance episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Wild Roses on need at Amazon.