Courtesy Motel 6 A lot of goes right into making hotel reservations. You desire to pick the appropriate location, the ideal amenities , and a cost-free breakfast never ever hurt. But ago when Motel 6 opened, human being went there for its name. Sound strange, yet perhaps no as the end there as several of the world’s most unique hotels.

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Originally building contractors who functioned on low-cost real estate projects, Paul A. Greene and also William W. Becker wanted deliver their price-dropping an abilities over come the human being of hospitality. The idea was to start a motel that charged unbeatably low prices but still raked in a profit.

Accocivicpride-kusatsu.neting to funding Universe, the duo started formulating your plans in 1960 and planned to fee $4 every room. Once their research concluded the price was as well low, they elevated it come $5 and later landing at $6 as the right room rate. It was low enough to lure guests and would still cover structure costs, janitorial supplies, and also land leases. So when their first motel officially opened up in 1962 in Santa Barbara, California, castle aptly dubbed it Motel 6. Every little thing guests essential to know around the place—what type of facility it was and how lot it cost—was ideal there in the name. In ~ the time, it likely would’ve ranked among some of this hotels in America through the finest values.

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Of course, the name’s not completely relevant now. For one, yes no flat rate for every room in every location, and prices have absolutely gone up from $6. The Motel 6 website shows that prices per room have the right to vary from $39.99 in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, to $149.49 in ~ a location near Newark Liberty worldwide Airport in brand-new Jersey. To it is in fair, $6 in 1962 is equivalent to $48.78 in 2017. Places with rates roughly that price are around as affocivicpride-kusatsu.netable together they were 55 year ago. And also compared come the many expensive hotels in the world, any Motel 6 sounds like a pretty good deal to us.