The bullpen is the place where relief pitchers and occasionallystarting pitchers invest time during the game. The size and also purposefor usage is tantamount to the of a bullpen, thus the name.

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Legendary Yankees manager Casey Stengel claimed the term came frommanagers fed up with relievers shootin" the bull throughout baseballgames, and banished the relievers come the much reaches of the stadium- the bullpen.

Those fans to be herded right into a standing-room only section the theballpark known as the bullpen. Relief pitchers later used the samearea, but the name stuck.

Even previous catcher Moe Berg weighed in on the beginning of thebullpen. Berg, who spoke five languages and also spied because that the UnitedStates during civilization War II, additionally was a member that the LinguisticSociety of America.

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Berg believed the term bullpen pertained to be due to the fact that all bullpensused come be situated in the outfield, ideal behind billboards forBull Durham tobacco.

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