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Hello ns am a proud owner of one `05 Phantom black color GTO, i was simply wondering why specifically do we call our GTO"s "Goats", those the story?. Thanks. :cheers
I was wondering the myself a goat is together a repulsive creature, and this auto is anything however repulsive
GoatsBACK IN THE work MUSCLE auto DAYS so late 60"S early on 70"S GTOS WERE called A GOAT since A GOAT will certainly EAT ANYTHING.

If you ever drop her keys into a flow of molten lava, let"em go, because, man, they"re gone.-Jack Handy, Deep Thoughts

I always thought that it come from do the efforts to express the letter G T O together a word. Back in the 60s some provided to speak it expected Gas, Tires, & Oil. My very first car was a "67 GTO, and in the beginning I offered to dislike the surname goat. However it prospered on me.As EdwardC stated, Pontiac propelled the GTO as a Tiger, GeeTO Tiger come up a lot although occasionally they would use Tiger to reference any Pontiac. At some point they offered in and also used "The Goat" in advertising. Like: "The goat the preferes asphalt to tin."

i always thought the hood scoops for several of the goats (including the 2005s) looked prefer a goat"s nose then again, my parents had yet to satisfy when original goat came out no Ignorance is bliss.

Well, I favor the Tiger (can friend tell )..although the Goat might eat lock all, the Tiger is meaner and also faster 보다 a goat...I understand we called them goats when we cruised and street raced ago in the valve Nuys days, however I will stick through the Tiger no
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How the Goat acquired it"s name...
Say the letter GTO as rapid as you can fortwenty times....near the end it will sound favor the indigenous "goat"Gotta Love It!
I always thought it to be from just jumbling the G-T-O around and you sorta come up v goat, never ever heard the "it eats anything" prior to but sounds good to me. Anything is much better than FORD, or found On road Dead. Ford guys will tell you it means an initial On race Day and also I"ll agree, first to break :lol: . PONTIAC was an acronym because that something yet I can"t mental what... It was funny though.
I"ve heard a few of these:F*cker only Roles DownhillFixed Or Repaired DaillyI always though world tried to say GTO together a word and also eventually acquired "Goat", however I additionally like the "It eats anything" theory.
I have to disagree with every one of you.My Mom had a Goat back in the day and she said me that it stood because that Gas-Oil-And-Tires, because that"s all you had to offer them and also they"d survive them, but the piece of **** didn"t make it through the other day as soon as I ran it into a ****ing pole after slide in mud and ice and rock and gravel and also ripped the front end off. (Yeah, That smile was very sarcastic)
you guys acquired most of lock already, however GTO is just 1 letter brief of GOAT(albeit rearranged), they will certainly eat damn close to anything (my old "69 offered to eat Mustangs and also SS Chevelles because that lunch, dinner and midnight snacks), they"re stubborn and also refuse to provide in till beaten, tough, sure footed (gotta have traction or ya lose) and very territorial. And also *I* never had to obtain my tools Out, other than once (also the upgrade i did come carb and also ignition) to replace the ONLY part that failure on the car in the 2-3 years ns owned it. $2.15 because that a clutch crossshaft that finally snapped after the previous 10 year of clutching the car. Ns love goats!cyp.s. I no longer have a tiger in mine tank or paws that dig right into the asphalt, however times change.
C rackedH eadE veryV alveR attlesO ok eaksE veryT imeJust thought, also though it"s turn off topic, it to be still appropriate.
Great knowledge from every the answers. I thought it was just straightforward nickname. However to phone call the truth, and also I hope ns don"t it seems ~ to be an old stiff, however I don"t favor the name, and won"t call my baby a goat. My children, on the various other hand...

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another vote right here for GOAT comes from rearranging the letters. Mine mom had one in high school, and also said the men (who she obtained TONS of respect from) told she that"s wherein it came from.
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