Written by Lizzie Streit, MS, RDN, LD on September 16, 2021 — median reviewed through Lisa Hodgson, RDN, CDN, CDCES, FADCES

Cellulose is a fiber discovered in fruits, vegetables, and also other plant foods items as part of a plant’s cabinet walls. It’s uncovered in tree bark and also a plant’s leaves.

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When you eat plant foods, you are consuming cellulose. Yet you may not be aware that cellulose fiber is also removed from plants to be used as an additive in many other foods and sold together supplements (1).

This short article provides an introduction of cellulose, whereby it’s frequently found, and also whether or not it’s for sure to consume.

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Cellulose is made up of a series of street molecules linked together in a long chain. Because it is a fiber that provides up plant cabinet walls, it’s found in all plant foods.

When you eat food that consists of it, cellulose stays intact as it passes v your little intestine. Humans do not have actually the enzymes necessary to malfunction cellulose (1).

Cellulose is additionally an insoluble fiber and does no dissolve in water. As soon as consumed, insoluble fibers can help push food v the digestive system and support continual bowel activities (2).

In addition to their role in healthy digestion, diet fibers choose cellulose may promote health in various other ways. Studies imply that high dietary fiber intake may reduce the risk of numerous diseases, consisting of gastric cancer and heart disease (3).


Cellulose is an indigestible, insoluble fiber discovered in fruits, veggies, and other plants.

Sources of cellulose

Fruits, vegetables, legumes, totality grains, nuts, seeds, and other plant foods items contain varying amounts of cellulose. The skin of plant foods usually has more cellulose 보다 the flesh.

Celery, in particular, is very high in cellulose. If girlfriend have ever before gotten stringy pieces from celery stuck between your teeth, then you have actually felt cellulose in action (4).

Cellulose is additionally a common food additive. When used in this way, it is one of two people taken from lumber or waste native the production of plant foods, such together oat hulls or peanut and almond skin (1).

Other names for cellulose included to foods items include:

cellulose gummicrocrystalline cellulosesodium carboxymethyl cellulosemicrocrystalline cellulose

Cellulose may be included to shredded cheese or dried spice blends to avoid clumps. It’s likewise found in some ice creams and also frozen yogurts, specifically low fat varieties, to help thicken or mix the product and provide thickness in the lack of fat (1).

Bread commodities may be enriched with cellulose to boost their fiber content. In addition, cellulose can provide bulk to diet or low calorie foods, such together meal replacement shakes, to make them filling without boosting the total calories (1).

It’s precious noting that dietary fibers in basic are included to plenty of food products, even things prefer yogurts and also ground meats. If you interested in whether the commodities you buy save on computer cellulose or another included fiber, examine the ingredients list.

Finally, cellulose is available in supplement form. Cellulose supplements regularly contain a modified version of cellulose that develops a gelatin in the cradle tract.

Makers of these supplements insurance claim that they help fill friend up, reduced calorie intake, and also promote load loss (2, 5).

However, the unclear whether cellulose supplements live up to their claims.

A manufacturer-funded examine on the weight loss results of the cellulose complement Plenity discovered that human being who took the complement lost more weight than those that took a placebo after 24 weeks. Still, much more long-term studies are needed (5).


Cellulose is uncovered in every plant foods and in supplement form. That a common food additive and also shows increase in ice cream creams, shredded cheese, and also diet foods, amongst many others.

Eating cellulose — specifically from whole fruits and vegetables, grains, beans, and other plant foods items — is generally considered safe.

Any potential flaw of cellulose are regarded side effects from the overconsumption the fiber. If girlfriend eat too much cellulose or fiber in general or take it cellulose supplements, you might experience:

bloatingstomach upsetgasconstipationdiarrhea

Current nutrition guidelines recommend the adults obtain at least 25 grams the fiber from foods per day but may need more or less relying on age, gender, and an individual needs (6).

If girlfriend eat a fiber-rich diet or are raising your fiber intake, be sure to drink plenty of water to stop uncomfortable side effects. Practice can also help.

Those who should follow a low fiber diet must limit cellulose intake. People who have a health problem that affects the cradle system, such together inflammatory bowel an illness (IBD), additionally need to watch the end for cellulose in foods.

Cellulose as a food additive is typically recognized as safe (GRAS) by the Food and also Drug administration (FDA). The level of cellulose currently used in foods items are not considered to be dangerous to humans (7).

Keep in mind, however, that gaining fiber from entirety plant foods is usually better than gaining it from additives or supplements. These foods provide many other helpful nutrients and compounds in enhancement to fiber.

Before adding cellulose additionally to your diet, it’s best to speak v a health care professional.

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Consuming cellulose from foods, supplements, or additives is most likely safe for most people. However, obtaining too much of the may bring about side results that happen with the overconsumption that fiber, such as gas, bloating, and stomach pain.