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In the book of Judges in the Old Testament, Jephthah was a an excellent warrior, fighting for the Israelites versus their numerous enemies. He had actually a checkered background yet was a expert leader, and also the Israelites asked him to lead their army versus the Ammonites, a civilization that had actually invaded their...

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In the publication of Judges in the Old Testament, Jephthah to be a great warrior, fighting because that the Israelites against their plenty of enemies. He had a checkered background but was a professional leader, and also the Israelites request him to lead your army against the Ammonites, a human being that had invaded their lands. In return, castle agreed to make him a tribal leader. Together he was around to join battle versus the Ammonites, that prayed because that God"s favor, promising the that if he was granted victory, he would give everything is wait on his doorstep come God together a charred offering. He winner a good victory, but was shocked as soon as he returned residence to uncover his daughter--his just child--bursting v his former door come welcome him. His daughter urged the to respect his promise come God, and also he did.

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Hamlet (and of course Shakespeare) to be making a referral that everyone in the audience would have been acquainted with, and also they would certainly have understood the connection in between Jepthah and also Polonius. Once the two personalities encounter each other, Polonius has actually just left the imperial family, to whom he has available his theory that Hamlet has actually gone mad as result of his unrequited love because that Ophelia, the regrettably daughter that Polonius. The old guy acknowledges that he, favor Jephthah, has actually a daughter that he "loves...well." however he does not seem to acquire Hamlet"s meaning, i m sorry is that the crafty Polonius is using (or sacrificing) his daughter to assist the King get to the bottom the Hamlet"s behavior. This turns out to be true, though Polonius dies prior to his daughter. That is also feasible that Hamlet is adding another, insulting layer through this allusion: Jepthah to be a son of a "harlot", and also to be referred to as a kid of a prostitute to be a profound insult. That may be exactly what the infinite witty Hamlet is doing with the recommendation to Jephthah.