Kristi Lee v John Andretti at the Bob and also Tom Show. Left to right: john Andretti, Kristi Lee, Scott Potasnik, and also Tom Griswold.

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“I can guarantee poop will certainly be pointed out at the very least once a show,” laughs Lee. “It’s a running gag come see just how long it will certainly take to cite fecal matter. Mine most common word is ‘really’ in a sarcastic tone.”

A cast of comedians and also celebrities join the everyday banter. Lee claims a few are memorable. She describes musician boy Rock as a “pleasant surprise” and also as “one that the many interesting and fun guests.”

Lee phone call Dolly Parton a “gem that a woman.”

“If yes a sweeter mrs on the planet, I’d choose to satisfy her,” gushed Lee. “She to be so nice, personable and also down come earth.”

Lee confesses to being star-struck by Peter Frampton. She says meeting him to be the pinnacle of her career and also proclaims Frampton to be her idol.

In the nicest means possible, Lee acknowledges that part guests space “not what we expected.” Lee calls Tom Griswold the “best interviewer in the world,” and also she claims he have the right to salvage even the worst conversation.

“Even if guests room bad, you’d never recognize it,” Lee claims. “Tom has actually a method of getting human being to talk.”

Sometimes the morning unfolds in unanticipated ways. Lee chuckles together she recalls the show around her pets chinchilla. One day, as Lee was preparing to walk to work, she chinchilla ended up being spooked and hid under Lee’s vehicle. Frantic, Lee phoned work and explained her predicament. Bob and also Tom uncovered the case humorous and also sent display character Donnie Baker to capture the chinchilla.

On live radio, Lee and Baker invested the next several hrs chasing around and eventually grabbing the fugitive pet. She called that show “unintentionally funny.”

Lee remembers an additional show wherein she and Bob to be reporting from a hot air balloon. With a giggle, Lee says the balloon landing in a field. A farmer watched the scene unfold and also rushed to the balloon. When he establish it was Bob Kevoian in his field, he ended up being giddy and also introduced the radio host to his pets goats named Bob and also Tom. “With live radio, girlfriend never know what have the right to happen,” Lee snickers.

Along through her position at “The Bob & Tom Show,” Lee has likewise worked for the Pacers, ESPN, ESPN2, Fox Sports and also other sporting events. Recently, she moved away from sports reporting and also gravitated towards voice-over work. On august 1, Lee hosted the Zionsville Street Dance.

Lee considers Zionsville a retreat native her busy schedule. She enjoys functioning out, curling up with a good book in ~ home and spending time with her daughters.

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Among her plenty of fans, Lee’s greatest cheerleaders are her daughters. Lee’s daughter Ava penned an write-up in the August issue of Seventeen newspaper titled, “My friends Think she Cooler than I Am.” Lee is tickled around her daughter’s words.

Lee has actually no plan to leaving her spot v Bob and also Tom at any time soon. “I don’t view it ending, but everything comes to an end. I try not come think about it.”