Bleach: 13 factors Why Ichigo and Rukia ended Up through The Right civilization In Bleach, Ichigo ends up v Orihime, Rukia is v Renji. Here are some reasons regarding why this was fitting in the Shounen anime.

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The first thing that human being know around Bleach is the it is a battle and also action-based manga and anime, therefore a Shounen. That does no center around romance and would be i can not qualify to focus on romantic a lot; also Kubo self has proclaimed that he did no wish to focus on romantic relationships much, as there were other interesting and exciting things happening.

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Nevertheless, transparent the series, we got many ideas of romantic feelings between the now canon couples: Ichigo and Orihime, and also Rukia with Renji. Just how things ended was a point of contention because that IchiRuki fans, but with a closer look one realizes that this was how it was expected to be.

Updated July 12th, 2021 by Anthony Mazzuca: While not almost as extreme as the fight of that deserves Subaru between Rem and also Emilia, there were plenty of fans disappointed the Rukia and also Ichigo didn"t end up together. V the present returning at some point this year, it"s precious reiterating that both Rukia and also Ichigo ended up with much better partners in the end. No ones cared for Ichigo more than Orihime, and the same is true that Renji through Rukia.

13 Ichigo Was constantly Willing To collection Aside His very own Fears & wants For Orihime

Tatsuki stops Orihime indigenous doing Don kannoji's bwhahah
One thing constantly consistent about Ichigo was just how stubborn he could be around battle. If someone was in danger, he was going to sirloin in to shot to conserve the day, and more often 보다 not, that expected going in without a plan.

What"s glossed over is how willing he was to collection aside his wants and fears outside of combat if it expected helping others. An instance is as soon as Orihime invite him to go see spirit Hunters, the Don Kannoji television show. He"s always hated ghosts, a truth Tatsuki had actually to explain to Orihime, but it didn"t prevent him indigenous going anyway. He constantly wanted she to be happy in ~ the finish of the day.

12 Orihime Knew Ichigo Well enough That She Knew Kon Wasn"t The genuine Ichigo

kon and also Ichigo making deals with bleach
the takes rather a connection to understand when who isn"t acting like themselves. That"s what Orihime managed to do once Kon was to run wild inside Ichigo"s body and being his lustful self.

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He jumped right into Ichigo"s classroom, do a relocate on Orihime, and then kissed Tatsuki prior to being required to flee. Orihime knew ideal away the wasn"t the genuine Ichigo, forgiving him of plot that would certainly have acquired him in warm water with any type of other girl. It"s a testimony to how much Orihime cared about him.

11 Renji Admonishing His Friends for Staring Love Struck in ~ Rukia verified He had The very same Feelings

Young renji in Bleach
Renji"s feelings towards her have always been apparent, as far ago as once they to be kids. One evening, the two of them were unsuccessfully attempting to catch fish when Renji finally managed to snare one.

When the turned about triumphantly, he experienced the remainder of his friend staring at Rukia longingly. Together anyone v a crush themselves would certainly do, Renji admonished his friends for looking in ~ her with love-struck eyes.

10 Ichigo & Rukia contributed To every Other’s respective Romance, Helping press Them To brand-new Heights

that is exciting to keep in mind that both Rukia and also Ichigo have worked to carry the respective romantic relationships of each other closer. Rukia was the one that dragged Ichigo to apologize to Orihime and made that vow to her.

Rukia was the initial reason why Ichigo and also Orihime come closer together and also were an ext expressive of your desire to safeguard each other. In ~ the exact same time, Ichigo to be the catalyst for Rukia and Renji ending up being close again after decades of staying clear of each other. Ichigo was not intended to interfere in their connection as a 3rd party, but to aid them realize the complete selection of their feelings because that each other.

9 Ichigo’s resemblance To Kaien

Ichigo looks prefer Kaien Shiba; Rukia’s mentor, the male that she viewed as an older brother and friend, however not as a romantic interest. Also Byakuya himself claimed so and understood why Rukia would feel friendship in the direction of Ichigo. Rukia paralleled Kaien’s critical fight through Ichigo’s fight versus Grand Fisher, the hole that had actually killed Masaki Kurosaki.

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She see them as comparable and so would be i can not qualify to have actually romantic feelings because that a man that she regarded as anything yet a potential romantic partner. Throughout the Soul culture Arc, she keeps placing the 2 together.

8 Ichigo & Rukia room Literally various Species

that is understandable that within the sometimes convoluted cosmos of Bleach, with all the different races (souls, hollows, Arrancars, etc) and also the complex ways in which one separation, personal, instance can end up changing race, fans can become confused or forget things. One thing that can be forgotten is that, despite his extraordinary abilities and powers, Ichigo is human. Even though he to be a Shinigami, that is not a Soul.

He was no born in Soul culture and that never died to go there. If he wanted to be through Rukia, he would certainly either have to wait and also die native old period or… die ideal away and part with anyone else means too soon. Rukia is a spirit who periods extremely slowly and will probably never die. Their households are in different worlds and also their priorities are incompatible.

7 Ichigo & Orihime’s romance Was collected From The very Beginning

Orihime’s to like on Ichigo was evident from the first couple of chapters; she even had problem being articulate in prior of him, although part of she character advance was just how she acquired confidence in herself. Together for him, the was ready to sacrifice his life for her from the first arc, as soon as he placed himself between her and her Hollowified brother, Sora.

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He practically always singles she out, speaks up for her, and he defends her. Ichigo and also Rukia"s relationship fits ideal as best bud dynamic through teasing, joking around, and also faux fighting.

6 Ichigo & Orihime walk To Extremes To safeguard Each Other

Ichigo precise came earlier from death for Orihime throughout his fight with Ulquiorra when in his 2nd Hollowification, all due to the fact that she cried because that him not to die. Orihime additionally places her body between Ichigo and also Acidwire to protect Ichigo. Ichigo put himself between Grimmjow’s Ceros and Orihime without hesitation.

Orihime more than willingly checked out fight Yhwach together Ichigo to it is in his defense, discovering they were around to challenge a godlike Quincy. Fans have to remember that countless of Ichigo’s enemies noticed this; Ulquiorra, Grimmjow, and Nnoitora every mocked him for wanting to safeguard her that much and underlined exactly how she to be the an ideas for him to fight more fiercely.

5 Rukia & Renji’s common Backstory Showed how Much he Cared around Rukia

Rukia and also Renji flourished up together as orphaned Soul youngsters in spirit Society. They common the very same experiences and together they found the gift the Reiatsu come be welcomed in the Shin’ō Academy. Their mutual goal to be to come to be Shinigami, gain greater ranks, and also grow stronger.

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When Rukia tells Renji the Kuchiki clan wants to take on her that acts happy but is depressed inside since he predicts castle will grow apart. Still, the tries to repress his sadness, thinking that Rukia finally has a family, falsely believing that he to be not important to her.

4 Renji’s to be Willing come Sacrifice every little thing If it Meant keeping Rukia Safe

Renji sacrificed whatever to conserve Rukia. Ichigo may have actually gone to Soul society to save her indigenous execution and also put his life top top the line, but that was out of strong friendship and gratitude the Rukia provided him the method to protect his family. Renji practically lost his life and also put every little thing on the line for Rukia.

If things had actually taken a different turn and also Ichigo hadn’t controlled to conserve Rukia, probably he would certainly escape and he’d still have a home and family to return to. However such result for Renji would be devastating; he’d have actually lost Rukia, and also his place as a Shinigami, his was standing in the Seireitei, and possibly his life since he unashamedly defied his superiors.

3 Rukia & Renji’s Romance to be Foreshadowed, Too

The earliest minute for Rukia was when she announced she potential adoption to Renji. She was crushed upon reasoning he to be happy, since she supposed a various reaction as she wanted the separation come sadden him and also make that fight for her. Yet he only reacted in the way he believed was best for her, and that ended up make him feeling he put her top top the path towards death.

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Chapter 98 was committed to just how Renji taken into consideration Rukia one unattainable “star” that he, a “tramp,” might never reach. If he just wanted friendship, why walk he feel he had actually to remain out that Rukia’s way? If she simply wanted friendship, why walk she suppose him come protest? The answer is simple: Her fostering didn’t acquire in the means of friendship, yet in the means of the “something more” castle wanted.

2 Both Renji & Rukia grew Overly Emotional once It came to Helping The Other

These room some other instances of Rukia and Renji showing their devotion to every other. There is the time Renji swallowed his pride and also begged Ichigo to conserve Rukia. The minute when Rukia was ready to provide up and follow Aizen so the Renji would certainly be spared.

Renji"s too much reaction ~ above Szayelaporro informing him the Rukia and Aaroniero had killed each other, a reaction that appears very comparable to Ichigo’s reaction for Orihime? and finally when Renji confessed to Ichigo that he aided Rukia and himself end up being close again and also he would always be through Ichigo’s side for it.

1 as soon as Orihime Confessed she Love to Ichigo

This must have been the many obvious and also blatant foreshadowing ever. As soon as the Espadas allow Orihime come say goodbye to one person before she is required to Hueco Mundo, she choose Ichigo (even despite he is tho unconscious indigenous an earlier fight). She underlines exactly how she might have picked among the others, however Ichigo was the human being she just needed to see one critical time.

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She says how there were so many things she wished she had obtained to do and also how she would prefer to live five times to try multiple different things, however she"d constantly fall in love through the exact same person: Ichigo.