If you have spent any type of time wade on the beach on Maui, friend may have noticed miscellaneous missing.

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Where room the seagulls?

Unlike various other beaches in the world, such as Australia or southern California, seagulls nothing exist top top Maui. Yet why?

Simply put, Maui just isn’t the right vibe for them. It’s not their best habitat and also lacks the food they favor to eat.

1. Maui is Too much Away native the Mainland


Seagulls favor to live in areas that have actually a shallow continental shelf that extends the end from the mainland. This zone allows seagulls to more easily find food lock like.

However, the Hawaiian islands formed since of volcanic task in what we contact a “hot spot.” In various other words, a tectonic key shifted over an area that permitted magma to come as much as the earth crust at the bottom that the Pacific Ocean.

The magma at some point rose above the water to type the Hawaiian Islands, notably without a continent shelf.

2. Seagulls choose Sticking Close come Home

Another factor you will certainly not find seagulls top top Maui is that, unequal the tourists that come below from anywhere the world, seagulls are homebodies.

Seagulls like to rod close come shore and don’t venture far out right into the s at all.

Some usual places the you will uncover seagulls include:

BaysLarge lakesCoastlinesWetlands

Seagulls will not fly to Maui because Maui, and the remainder of the Hawaiian Islands, space so much from continental North and also South America—where their ideal habitats are.

3. The Food Supply isn’t Ideal

You could think the seagulls space not found on Maui since the food supply isn’t ideal for your diet. It is true, come an extent.

The natural diet of seagulls is actually quite broad. They choose to feed on a variety of foodstuffs including:


Although few of these definitely exist top top Maui, this are an ext easily found in various other continental areas that additionally possess the physics land characteristics seagulls prefer.

However, since seagulls space scavengers, they likewise eat human food and also trash. So, although over there wouldn’t be lot opportunity for organic food sources on Maui, it’s possible they can survive top top people’s leftovers, if they had to.

4. Hawaii is well-known for Extinction

Hawaii is house to plenty of diverse species.

One that the an ext interesting attributes around the Hawaiian archipelago is that due to the fact that they room so remote, pets have evolved in different ways than in other parts that the world.

However, Hawaii is likewise known for varieties extinction, particularly birds.

The American Bird Conservancy refers to Hawaii as the “bird extinction capital of the world.” Yikes.

This method that:

Out the 142 native bird species, 95 have become extinct since humans landed on the islands.Out the those 33 species, 11 have actually not been watched in end a decade

So that probably best that seagulls nothing live on Maui, since humans space responsible for lot of the extinction prices with already limited space. And the island just doesn’t have what seagulls need, of course.

Here’s a funny bonus fact: Seagulls don’t exist ~ above Maui (where you might think they would), however they’ve taken up residence in Utah of all places.

In 1848, Mormon settlers were plagued by swarms the crickets, i beg your pardon ate their crops. Together you deserve to imagine, this to be a problem. The inhabitants tried their ideal to loss the insects in what’s dubbed the “Cricket war of 1848.” Yes, it’s real.

Yet, they to be unsuccessful. The only thing that stopped the crickets were swarms of California gulls, i m sorry ate all the pests. Guess the swarms decided to stick approximately after that!

5. Friend Won’t discover Seagulls in Maui-Because castle Technically nothing Exist

The hatchet “seagull” is actually more of a common generalization quite than a an exact name. The truth is that seagulls, together a species, don’t exist at all.

Rather, “seagull” is a surname that’s supplied to recognize gulls in general. There room actually 28 types of gulls in north America, including:

California gullsKelp gullsLaughing gullsYellow-footed gullsEuropean usual gulls

So, the following time who notices the there aren’t any kind of seagulls top top Maui, you deserve to honestly say, “That’s because seagulls don’t exist!” It will make because that an exciting conversation starter, to it is in sure.

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Even despite you can’t find seagulls on Maui, the doesn’t typical there no plenty of other avenues to discover interesting birds on the island. The Hawaii Audubon society has a Guide come Birding top top Maui, describing typical birds on the island and where to uncover them.