Juanita Bynam, an American gospel singer, author, and pastor to be born ~ above January 16, 1959, in Chicago, Illinois, joined States. She established the Juanita Bynum Enterprises, i beg your pardon is a multi-faceted lifestyle and also empowerment product agency that is based the end of new York.

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About Juanita Bynum

Born: 16 January 1959 (age 61 years), Chicago, Illinois, unified States

Spouse: thomas Wesley Weeks, III (m. 2002–2008)

Movies: Mama, I want to Sing!, The Williams Brothers: The Concert

Married, Husband and also Children

Born to elder thomas BynamSr. And also Katherine Bynam is just one of their 5 children. And also Juanita Bynam age is 61 year old.

Juanita Bynam married thomas Wesley Weeks, III in 2002. This marriage did notlast long and also ended increase in divorce soon after in 2008 when she put allegationsof physics abuse on Bishop cutting board Weeks.

The Juanita Bynam Wedding as she recalls was choose a when in a lifetime wedding suffer for her as she did do every little thing she had ever wanted. She says that she believed that this connection was she forever.

Juanita Bynum bishop thomas weeks. Source

This was not her firstmarriage though. Her an initial marriage was during the at an early stage 1980s which turned todivorce due to domestic abuse. JuanitaBynam very first husband is not fairly known and also the pastor doesn’t choose to talkabout it much.

There is no information easily accessible as of now on Juanita Bynam Children. In one of her books, the minister reveals the she was involved in lesbianism.

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Net Worth and also Earnings

The net worth that the author, the singer has actually an estimated precious $10 million. She has also acted in movies and television shows.

She was freshly seen in the news for a revelation the the fact when she come forward v accusing the pastor of violating her private parts.


How lot is Juanita Bynum network worth?

She is a well known American actress, singer, author, and televangelist. According to Online resources Her net worth is $10 million dollars.

Who is Juanita Bynum married to?

Juanita Bynam married cutting board Wesley Weeks, III in 2002. This marital relationship did not last long and ended up in divorce shortly after in 2008 when she put allegations of physical abuse on Bishop thomas Weeks.

Does Juanita Bynum have a child?

over there is no information accessible as of currently on Juanita Bynam Children. In one of her books, the pastor reveals the she was associated in lesbianism.

Where is Juanita Bynum from?

Chicago, Illinois, united States.

What happened to Juanita Bynum marriage?

Bishop thomas W. Weeks III, 54, the estranged husband the the world-renowned evangelist and also prophetess Juanita Bynum, surrendered to Atlanta police Friday top top charges the he attacked his wife. Weeks reportedly made no comments as soon as he landed on the jail v a lawyer on Friday morning.

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