This week, the university of Phoenix debuted a brand-new ad campaign — and it virtually seems tailor-made for anyone who’s tried come juggle the requirements of family, a career, and an progressed degree. Yet the very first thing that has captured viewers’ fist is the haunting voice singing the school’s new anthem. Who sings "If ns Only had actually A Brain" for college of Phoenix’s More 보다 Brains campaign ad? The talented singer behind the spot has remained greatly a mystery, yet hopefully that’ll soon change.

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The university’s More than Brains campaign pulled with each other mini-portraits the the lives of typical students — wait tables, serving in the military, breastfeeding young children, commuting come the office — when they work toward earning an progressed degree online. But rather than emphasis on attracting prospective students, the college of Phoenix adjusted strategies in the brand-new spot, follow to ad Week, opting instead to send a strong message to existing students who can feel pressure to abandon their studies.

The new campaign came just days after ~ the education company that own for-profit university of Phoenix agreed to be purchased by private investors for simply over $1 billion, the New York times reported. The new owners have actually promised to help lead a clean increase of the for-profit education and learning industry. The university of Phoenix and others have come under hefty criticism newly for low graduation and job location rates as well as questionable recruiting and also financial aid practices, follow to the Times.

According to Ad Week, the new campaign was intended together an emotionally plea to present students, both to congratulate lock on having the emphasis to commit come an progressed degree and also to encourage them around the value of a college of Phoenix level in the actual world. The lyrics, collection to a take it on the wizard of Oz track “If i Only had actually A Brain,” capture exactly how hard it have the right to be to try to juggle that all:

So my kids don’t have to forage / obtained two jobs to pay a mortgageAnd I’ve additionally got a brain.Life’s short, speak is cheap / i’ll be functioning while girlfriend sleepStill don’t think I’ve obtained a brain?You can try, I’ll perform it quicker / ns was born a multitaskerI to be raised against the grain.Took two bullets in the chest / acquired three kids, I never restAnd I’ve additionally got a brain.You think a resume’s sufficient / Will action up as soon as things gain toughDon’t you desire that type of brain?A level is a degree / you’re gonna desire someone choose meBut just if you have actually a brain.

But for numerous viewers, the standout facet in the 60-second video clip has actually been the haunting, soulful voice that appears to both commiserate with and difficulty University of Phoenix students. Follow to Ad Week, the vocalist who additionally helped write the lyrics behind the advertisement is a woman called Roarke with We are Walker, a Los Angeles-based music contents company. No much more information is available around Roarke online, but another Ad Week story reported the the advertisement featuring Roarke is part of a larger campaign strategy developed by agency 180LA to aid the school melted its “diploma mill” reputation.

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So far, Twitter individuals have given the project mixed reviews. While some love the anthem and also message, others questioned the campaign’s “all levels are equal” premise.

While the project is a hit or a miss out on is unclear, yet the takeaway seems to be the viewers space pretty curious about the talented voice transferring the college of Phoenix’s message. The More than Brains ad campaign began airing nationwide this week and is also accessible on YouTube. Here"s the full clip: