Turns out, Loki has actually only one level of Kevin Bacon. In illustration 2 the the new Disney+ series, the 1984 track “Holding out For a Hero” is played end the loudspeakers of a Renaissance fair, circa 1985. This Bonnie Tyler track was originally recorded in 1984 because that the soundtrack for the movie Footloose, far better known as among those soundtrack albums that is a million times far better than the Kevin Bacon movie which the accompanies. Like the Batman Forever soundtrack or any number of James Bond layout songs (“Live and Let Die”) the tune “Holding the end For a Hero” no longer has actually a straight association with Footloose, also though that’s where it came from. For many of us, every “Holding out For a Hero” conveys is pure, gushy ’80s over-the-top strength pop. It claims the ’80s without speak the ’80s and way more 보다 it yes, really means.

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But, is this song good? and should you listen to a bunch that Bonnie Tyler again? my subjective and also totally biased answer is complicated! Loki’s usage of “Holding the end For a Hero” works, sure. However it’s also indicative the a larger pattern of huge shows and movies gift a small too on-the-nose with pop “classics.”


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The 1986 Bonnie Tyler album that includes the song.

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Well kind of. The thing about this needle autumn is that it really wants to have it both ways. Her reaction is all at once like, “Yeah, this song rocks!” and likewise “Wait? who is this song for?” uneven Bonnie Tyler’s other golden and unassailable hit, “Total Eclipse of the Heart,” it’s hard to make a strong case for the lyrics of “Holding out For a Hero” being anything yet corny. The will wasn’t ironic, however the love of the song virtually certainly is. The type of hero defined in this song is simply that; a kind the character, not someone who really exists. This is why Shrek 2 understood “Holding out For a Hero” slightly better than Footloose; it’s a track that suggests archetypes without really doing the occupational to justify them. Joseph Campbell be damned, however I’m not certain pop society narratives actually need any more one-note street-wise Herculeses or white knights ~ above fiery steeds.

In Loki, the tune is mostly kidding around. The rigid of this display doesn’t want old-school heroes either, and also yet, Tom Hiddleston is his very own kind of modern-day sex bomb, and nominally, the is the hero that this show. But because “Holding the end For a Hero” slaps for this reason hard, it just kind the justifies its own existence, nevertheless of what show or movie it plays in. This method its usage in Loki is both perfect and wrote. Remember when High Fidelity acquired away through using Queen’s “We space the Champions?” That’s wherein we’re at through “Holding the end For a Hero.” that not rather a punchline song, yet it’s ideal on the heat of an excellent taste. This isn’t the song’s fault, it’s just what our monster nostalgia society has done to it. And, the only reason “Holding the end For a Hero” hasn’t been overplayed at karaoke (like “Total Eclipse of the Heart”) is the nobody yes, really knows the lyrics, only the chorus.

“Holding out For a Hero,” comes from a movie where teenagers are prevented native dancing in a little town. So, in a sense, every tune on the Footloose soundtrack has actually one message: If you’ve never ever heard popular music music before, this is why pop music is AMAZING. Of all the song in the bunch, “Holding out For a Hero” still has actually that magic. Which, is also, its curse.

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Editor’s note: After composing this, i’ve learned a new Guardians the the Galaxy video clip game likewise used “Holding out For a Hero” in a video clip game trailer, last week. The Guardians franchise being obsessed with old-school access time is naught new, but all I deserve to say is, come ~ above Marvel. Did you mean to ruin your very own cool needle drop v a meh video clip game trailer?

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