One thing to note before reading this interview with British-born, Nashville-based songwriter i get it Cook: A "skinful" is a brother term, essentially an interpretation "enough alcohol to get you drunk."

But as soon as it came to writing "Long Cool mrs in a black color Dress" v Allan Clarke and Roger Greenaway, cook was trying come tap into American drink culture — special, the prohibition era.

Clarke went one step additional when he took it come his band, The Hollies, who cooked increase a swamp rock document not uneven States-side rockers Creedence Clearwater Revival. 

Cook said the Story Behind the track to Bart Herbison, executive, management director of Nashville Songwriters combination International.

Bart Herbison: "Saturday night ns went downtown. At an early stage morning FBI."

Roger Cook: "Saturday night, ns was downtown working because that the FBI."

BH: "Working because that the FBI!"

RC: That"s close enough. 

BH: We would certainly spend an ext ink 보다 The has on a Sunday execution naming your hits. But I"ve constantly wanted to talk to you around “Long Cool Woman.” was there ever before a bigger fight in history where human being don"t know the words? 

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RC: That is wild, isn"t it? Allan love all the slapback echo top top his voice. 

BH: This is the Hollies. 

RC: Yeah. And that"s the factor you deserve to hardly understand the words. And, the course, the words room a type of a small English-y. We wrote it in England about the bootlegging work in the "30s in America. … We’d simply gone out and also had a skinful ourselves, you know? us came ago to the office and thought it was funny to create a song about — What did they call it when they banned drinking? 

BH: Prohibition. 

RC: Prohibition! So, we created a song around Prohibition and also all the bad people neighboring it. The FBI raiding and this (woman) to sing at the bar. (The narrator) doesn"t desire her to acquire in trouble. So he sort of saves her. 

BH: Did girlfriend have any type of idea of its worldwide impact? Roger, the may acquire played more today than it did as soon as it to be a hit for the Hollies. 

RC: ns swear it almost does. The is amazing. 

BH: Did you have any inkling? walk you even think the band, even though that was part of it, would reduced the song? 

RC: You never think you"re walking to create an elevator song. Yet now and also again girlfriend do. It"s a combination. ... Yeah, it to be a an excellent song, however it to be a great record. It made such a great record. 

BH: Let"s go back more to the day. Therefore you walk back, you"re creating the song, did it occur quickly? 

RC: I go ago to my office. I get on the piano, and also I start messing around. And, that riff come …

BH: I never knew you wrote it on the piano. I"m astonished! It"s practically unbelievable because it"s the pre-eminent, pop-guitar song. 

BH: Wow. Exactly how long till it to be out? 

RC: It came out within a very short time. About five to 6 weeks in those days. 

BH: but even in those days, i get it — you"re tipping a pint and also you obtained "Long Cool mrs in a black Dress."

RC: Yeah. 

BH: The song was pretty much a global hit — eventually. 

RC: Yeah. That wasn"t as large a struggle in England. That was unanticipated for the Hollies in England. They had (hits) with big ballads and also so on. And also here come Allan, and also he"s doing his version of ...

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What"s the surname ... "Born ~ above the Bayou."