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"Kiss and Say Goodbye" is a 1976 hit tune worldwide, by famous American R&B vocal group The Manhattans. It was created by group member Winfred Lovett, the base singer and songwriter of the group, who intoned the famous spoken voice of the song"s intro. The track was taped for the album The Manhattans, exit in 1976 by Columbia Records, and was released together a single in in march of the exact same year. "Kiss and also Say Goodbye" ended up being a worldwide success, showing up in the musical charts of plenty of countries, a top 10 struggle in plenty of countries, consisting of No. 1 in the US, Belgium, Netherlands, new Zealand, and in Europe (European warm 100 Singles). Through the exemption of Adult contemporary Chart, "Kiss and Say Goodbye" was ranked number 1 in united state on every Pop Singles Charts and also on every R&B Singles Charts. The tune was one of the greatest hits of 1976 and of the 1970s.more »

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This has obtained to be the saddest work of my lifeI called you below today because that a little of bad newsI won"t be able to see you any moreBecause of my obligationsAnd the ties that you haveWe"ve to be meeting here every dayAnd due to the fact that this is ours last day togetherI want to host you just one more timeWhen girlfriend turn and also walk awayDon"t watch backI desire to remember you just like thisLet"s simply kissAnd to speak goodbyeI had to fulfill you below todayThere"s just so countless things to sayPlease don"t protect against me "till I"m throughThis is miscellaneous I hate to doWe"ve been meeting right here so longI assumption: v what us done to be wrongPlease, darling, don"t you cryLet"s simply kiss and also say goodbye (goodbye)Many months have passed united state by(I"m gonna miss out on you) I"m gonna miss out on you, i can"t lie(I"m gonna miss out on you)I"ve obtained ties and so carry out youI simply think this is the thing to doIt"s gonna pains me, ns can"t lieMaybe you"ll meet one more guyUnderstand me won"t girlfriend try, try, try, try, try, tryLet"s just kiss and also say goodbye(I"m gonna miss you) I"m gonna miss you(I"m gonna miss you) understand me, won"t you try(I"m gonna miss out on you) It"s gonna ache me, i won"t lie(I"m gonna miss out on you) take my handkerchief and wipe her eyes(I"m gonna miss you) infant you"ll find, you"ll find one more guy(I"m gonna miss out on you) Let"s kiss and say goodbye, quite baby(I"m gonna miss out on you) Please, don"t friend cry(I"m gonna miss you) recognize me, won"t friend try?(I"m gonna miss out on you) Let"s just kiss and also say goodbye

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The manhattan The Manhattans room an American well-known R&B vocal group, v a string of hit records spanning four decades.

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Their best known million-selling songs being "Kiss and Say Goodbye" and "Shining Star" in 1980 (not to be perplexed with "Shining Star" by Earth, Wind & Fire, which was a totally different track of 1976). Much more »