Wrestling fans, even if it is you choose Chris Jericho or dislike him…you gotta admit…this was pretty cool.

Jericho wrestled poor guy Maxwell Jacob Friedman in the main event on AEW gunpowder last night. And one of the stipulations the MJF came up through was the Jericho was not enabled to use his entrance music.

Jericho concerns the ring come the sound of “Judas” through his tape Fozzy. And usually the audience join in and also backs up the track.

But last night, the audience to be front and center together they sang “Judas” because that Jericho, so the he could still have an enntrance gate song. The results was awesome. Inspect out the video clip below!

– eastern Side Dave

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The AEW crowd singing Judas for kris Jericho through no entrance music is fucking incredible. Among the many legendary gates ever. #AEWDynamite pic.twitter.com/OVid6WMAz4

EIiteAEW) august 19, 2021

Houston has actually your ago on the intro
IAmJericho #judas pic.twitter.com/fovz3MVw5Z

— boy name (
cali_made1989) august 19, 2021

Crowd yes, really sang Judas loudly for kris Jericho that was an excellent #AEWDynamite #AEWonTNT

— The genuine One  ☄️ (
WWEREALONE) respectable 19, 2021

Houston singing chris Jericho under the ring come Judas was absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! #AEWDynamite

— Joseph Conlin (
conlin_joseph) august 19, 2021

The crowd to sing to Judas was tremendous I wasn't expecting that tbh what a minute for

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FOZZYROCK it's just how it have to be was simply beautiful seeing everyone in song as one