The very nice one Of A “White sports Coat”

As a singer, songwriter, and skilled performer, country artist Marty Robbins to be the finish package. That wrote and also recorded numerous number one songs, including the famed hits “El Paso” and “Devil Woman.”

One the Robbins’ other large hits to be a tiny tune v a lengthy title.

Called “A White sports Coat (and a Pink Carnation),” the song was released as a single in 1957 off of his Greatest Hits album.

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Robbins wrote the lyrics and the music come the song, which has an amazing story behind it.

During one interview v Pop Chronicles in 1969, he recalled the minute that motivated him to compose “A White sports Coat.” As he was driving to a show in Ohio, he taken place to happen a high college that was getting ready to organize its prom.

The vision of the student dressed increase in their sporting activities coats and nice dresses offered Robbins the idea for a song, i m sorry turned right into “A White sports Coat”

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An outstanding Performance You just Need come See

Robbins was most likely grateful that he drove past that prom, because “A White sport Coat” came to be his 3rd number one hit on the nation chart. It was likewise one the his best hits in the popular music circuit, and peaked in ~ the 2nd spot on the Billboard popular music chart.

Since “A White sport Coat” to be such a large hit, Robbins retained performing it during various appearances throughout his career. We have actually one the those performances come share through you here, and let us tell you, it’s a an excellent one!

This power proves simply how experienced Robbins was together an entertainer. That lit up the whole room with his smile, drawing everyone in through his charm.

Vinnie vegas / YouTube

We great we can have to be there in the audience to clock Robbins do that day. Talk about a crowd-pleaser! however watching the video clip of his power is absolutely the next finest thing. Besides, Robbins was such a talented entertainer that simply watching him in the video clip makes united state feel prefer we to be in the room through him.

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You don’t want to miss out on out on this astounding performance. So don’t waste a second more, click “play” below and also enjoy city hall Robbins song “A White sports Coat!” He to be truly one in a million.