This feature is walk to it is in different. Rather of feather deep right into the origin, I want to focus an ext on the meaning and application of this saying. And also since job Day is tomorrow in the U.S., I want to uncover a quote that was dedicated to hard work.

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To be quite honest, numerous have heard a quote prefer thing long prior to this quote gained traction (in sports circles). Wherein else did i hear it? ns think the photo at the top offers it away.

For now, let’s try to look at the usage and meaning of a quote attributed come Tim Notke.

Who Is Tim Notke?

Well, to be honest, there was nothing much to be found on Tim Notke other than this quote. Indigenous the assorted sources ns consulted, all I can find was that Notke was a basketball coach. It seems that that may have said this words the wisdom to his football player in order come motivate them.

There was no day given come the quote various other than is intake by renowned individuals. 2 of these individuals were Kevin Durant and Tim Tebow.

When go Tebow and also Durant use the Quote Attributed come Notke?

I uncovered a quote project that came in the form of a presentation top top Prezi. As component of the project, Tyrece walker made a visualization of the quote native basketball coach Time Notke. Walker was influenced by Kevin Durant, who offered the quote once he to be drafted to the NBA in 2007. Durant additionally won the Naismith Award when he was a freshman at Texas University.

Kevin Durant was also named the linked Press’s university Basketball Player of the year in 2007. He was the an initial freshman to it is in bestowed the honor and he obtained 70 out of 72 first-place votes.

That same year, Durant quoted this saying around hard work-related as he was drafted by the Seattle Supersonics (now the Oklahoma Thunder).

I miss out on Stuart Scott.

Durant reaffirmed the the quote native Notke was one of his favorites on Twitter.

My favourite quote is "Hard occupational beats talent as soon as talent falls short to occupational hard". Complying with that has actually helped me reach my objectives #WinFromWithin

— Kevin Durant (
KDTrey5) January 4, 2012

On a Quora thread ns found, a user by the surname Lovepreet sink talked around this quote. In enhancement to the info on Kevin Durant, the user likewise said that Tim Tebow stays by the quote indigenous Notke.

Was the true?


In short, yes. Tebow was quoted together saying his resides by the quote close to the end of a 2010 item I uncovered on the Tampa bay Times. This is an excerpt:

‘A quote the I’ve constantly lived by, that’s been at my door due to the fact that I was 6 years old, is tough work beats talent when talent doesn’t work-related hard,’ he said. ‘So every day, i’m trying come go the end there and also outwork everybody else. It doesn’t matter if you’re more talented and much more blessed 보다 me, i’m going to outwork you every job of the week.’

Now, Tebow said that the heard that as soon as he to be 6 years old. The is conceivable that the quote existed before he to be born. He to be born on august 14, 1987, for this reason the quote attributed come Notke was most likely made in the mid-1980’s in ~ the latest.

Where Else have I Heard that Phrase?

One word. Manga. Just about any story that encounters underdogs or shounen manga has actually this theme running with it.

Naruto in details was sort of built upon it … or numerous fans of it will certainly say that their love for the story was, at least.

In the photo at the top, Lee beats Sasuke in a skirmish. However, Lee wanted to check himself versus someone v eye talent since he might never beat his teammate Neji.

It only gets worse indigenous there. After ~ this display, Sasuke was able to copy the moves that Lee showed and also display faster speed later in the Chuunic exam Arc. And also time after ~ time, Kishimoto shown that talent generally won out.

That placed a cynical spin ~ above everything.

In a manga favor One-Punch Man, the key character, Saitama, plays through the overpowered character trope while supporting the tough work trope. Saitama is the strongest male in his people (and possibly throughout fictional universes) and he did it with just a strict exercise regimen.

So, What does “Hard work Beats Talent…” Mean?

I will let a few sources speak for me first.

From The center for Sales Strategy website, Beth Sunshine provides 8 species to help (sales) managers obtain the most out of your salespeople’s talent. In short, she talked about how talented people still need to work hard to acquire the biggest results. Yet they may need to receive a nudge every now and then from their supervisors, or coaches.

Sunshine likewise quotes Tim Notke. Following is her message:

Talent have the right to only gain you therefore far. A person needs to activate your talent in stimulate to make anything big happen. If castle don’t, it’s as if lock never also had the talent in the an initial place.

On Prezi, below is Walker’s interpretation:

The an interpretation of “Hard work-related beats talent, as soon as talent doesn’t occupational hard.” is the no matter how talent you space if you don’t work tough nothing will take place for you. Tim Notke had wrote however it was lugged to light as soon as Kevin Durant usage it after being drafted. Time Notke to be a high college coach and also used this to accumulate his team.

Furthermore, walker made this presentation once he was a Conway High School. He consisted of a story from once he to be an 8th-grade football player. His team lost their an initial game. He was told the the team to be talented but they short a certain work ethic.

That sort of reminds me of something among my high-school teachers told me. He was a coach on one of the football teams (we have junior varsity and also varsity squads) and also he remarked just how some various other teams had a much better post-game process. Our teams just moved ~ above after each game, even if it is they winner or lost; various other teams would look back on what they go in the game and shot to improve from there. Basically, our coaches lacked a certain work ethic.

Now, What Is My translate of Notke’s Quote?

As Sunshine says, talent will certainly only acquire you so far, but you have to cultivate it. And I believe everyone has actually a talent. They simply need to discover what that is and work on it.

Also, people who space talented in one area should beat others that are less talented, noted they both work-related hard. It sound cynical, however it is true. Yet, there are many talented people who just rely on the talent alone, with combined results.

That said hard work often does make up for weaknesses. You just need to understand what your strengths and weaknesses are and also go indigenous there. Revolve your weaknesses right into strengths and also you might go farther than you imagined.

Since tomorrow is labor Day, i may have actually a post tomorrow come commemorate it. In any case, enjoy your day, specifically if girlfriend have functioned hard this year.

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