Who or what determines the info to be included in an occurrence report? A. Health care facility B. Room of Health and Human services C. HIPAA D. JCAHO
Who or what determines the details to be consisted of in an incident report? A. Health treatment facility B. Department of Health and Human solutions C. HIPAA D. JCAHO
The modern technology that identifies civilization through body qualities is known as A. Genetic testing. B. Biometrics. C. Implicit identification. D. Psychometrics.
civicpride-kusatsu.net: The modern technology that identifies people through bodily features is known as biometrics. User: i m sorry of the complying with statements is true the HIPAA rules regarding the relax of PHI by covered entities to service associates? A. As soon as a extended entity releases details to a company associate, the associate may disclose that info to other entities. B. Spanned entities aren"t enabled to release PHI (identifiable or de-identified) to company associates. C. Covered entities should require adequate assurances in composing that organization associates will certainly adequately safeguard PHI. D. Spanned entities space responsible for the usage of PHI made by business associates. (More)
Covered entities should require enough assurances in creating that service associates will adequately safeguard PHI is true the HIPAA rules regarding the release of PHI by extended entities to company associates.

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Which among the following statements is an example of hearsay? A. "The report claimed the patient died on January 15." B. "The report was on my workdesk when i arrived for work." C. "I checked the patient"s blood pressure three times." D. "I experienced the doctor administer the injection."
Which the the adhering to is not an example of a minimal data set? A. Unique identifying numbers B. Days relating come an separation, personal, instance C. Employed data D. Geographic data
A patient"s authorization because that disclosure that PHI must encompass the objective of the disclosure and what info is to be exit if the PHI relates to A. Adoption. B. Pregnancy and genetic diseases. C. Therapy for substance abuse. D. Sexuallytransfer diseases.
A patience authorization for disclosure of phi must include the purpose of the disclosed and what info is to be exit if the PHI relates to treatment for substance abuse.
If disclosure of PHI is allowed under HIPAA, what is disclosed? A. All details the particular doctor has actually on that patient B. The minimum information vital to achieve the objective of the disclosure C. Info both the patient and also doctor think must be disclosed D. Info the medical professional thinks should be disclosed
If disclosure the PHI is permitted under HIPAA, The minimum information necessary to attain the function of the disclosure is disclosed.

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