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This question originally showed up on Quora. By Jennifer Veloso, take care of Potter pan

The chamber was a legend method before that was opened up by Tom Riddle Jr., ago from as soon as Slytherin first left Hogwarts. Nobody thought it actually existed until the events leading up to Hagrid"s expelling, and even then, they assumed it just synchronized with the legend, not confirmed it. Hagrid to be expelled since they believed his pet biology (Aragog) killed Myrtle, not since they thought he opened up the chamber and Aragog to be the beast the legend.

Once Aragog was exposed, they assumed lock had discovered the biology behind the attack, therefore the official explanation was the it was an unintended consequence of a bad decision by Hagrid (which, incidentally, can have been true ... ~ all, Hagrid practically got Harry and also Ron eliminated in the forest due to the fact that he reliable Aragog also much). Also when castle DID shot searching for proof that a room existed, nothing was found.

Out of respect because that Hagrid"s privacy, though, people don"t bring up this information about him. This can be why the legend persisted (with an ext vigor) if the college student - and later, as the students prospered up and also had children, future generations - were not fully clear ~ above the occasions that unfolded.

I think it"s implied the Dumbledore knew that wasn"t Hagrid"s (i.e. Aragog"s) doing, though. Remember, he preserved a "close watch" on Riddle ~ those events. Why then would certainly he not seek out the chamber till it to be found? maybe he did no think he would certainly convince others the the chamber existed, and accusing Tom (at the time viewed as a respectable, responsible, bright student) without any kind of proof would certainly be both unfair and not be met through favorable response. And he could have weighed that if the chamber did exist and only Slytherin"s heir might open it, it is i can not qualify to be opened up again when the culprit (of whose identification he had actually a solid suspicion) left school.

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Maybe no the ideal decision to let the chamber matter settle itself, yet as we concerned know well Dumbledore"s mistakes frequently had bigger consequences than the typical person"s.





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