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In thing 2Johnny and also Ponybody meet and hang out v Cherry and also Marcia. The 2 girls space the girlfriends the Bob and Randy. The reader additionally discovers, in thing 2, why Johnny is therefore skittish. He to be jumped through a group Socs and beaten to within an customs of...

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In chapter 2 Johnny and also Ponybody meet and hang out through Cherry and also Marcia. The two girls room the girlfriends the Bob and also Randy. The reader likewise discovers, in thing 2, why Johnny is for this reason skittish. He to be jumped by a team Socs and beaten to within an customs of his life. Johnny swore then that the next time he was cornered choose that, he would certainly kill whoever to be doing it.

In thing 4, Ponyboy and also Johnny space hanging out close to a fountain. The very same blue Mustang that lugged the Socs to beat up Johnny reflects up at the fountain. A team of Socs gets the end the car. Johnny and Ponyboy try to run, but they are cornered. One of the Socs grabs Pony and holds his head under the water. Ponyboy is organized under because that a lengthy time and is close to passing out. The next thing that he realizes is the he"s sit on the ground soaking wet.

The next thing i knew ns was lie on the pavement alongside the fountain, sneeze water and gasping.

Johnny is sit in a daze beside Ponyboy. Beside Johnny is the dead human body of Bob. Johnny had stabbed him v a switchblade. Every one of the other Socs climate ran away. Johnny eliminated Bob out of me defense. He knew that another beating was coming, and also he eliminated Bob before it started. Johnny likewise killed Bob to protect Ponyboy. Had Johnny not eliminated Bob, it"s likely that Ponyboy would have actually drowned in the pond.

"You really killed him, huh, Johnny?"

"Yeah." His voice quavered slightly. "I had to. They were drowning you, Pony. They might have eliminated you. And also they had a blade... They were gonna win me up...."

"Like..."--- ns swallowed--- "like they did before?"

Johnny was quiet for a minute. "Yeah," the said, "like they walk before."

Johnny called me what had happened: "They ran when I stabbed him. They all ran..."

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~ Ponyboy gets into a heated discussion with Darry, that meets up through Johnny Cade in ~ a regional park, and a team of Socs unexpectedly arrives in a blue Mustang. Five noticeably intoxicated Soc members continue to acquire out of the car and also surround Pony and also Johnny. Bob Sheldon is the leader that the group and also ends up attacking Ponyboy. After ~ Bob Sheldon insults Pony and also Johnny, that grabs Pony and also attempts to drown that by stop his head underwater. As Pony is struggling for his life, Johnny intervenes and stabs Bob Sheldon in self-defense.

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Essentially, Johnny stabs Bob Sheldon to avoid him from drowning Ponyboy. As soon as Pony regains his consciousness, he is appalled and also scared to find that Johnny eliminated Bob Sheldon. Pony and also Johnny then take trip to Buck Merril"s place in stimulate to discover Dally and also ask for his help. Fortunately, Dally helps them skip city by offering them a gun, some money, clothes, and also directions to an exit church in Windrixville whereby they deserve to hide out.