There is no doubt the the WWE main roster is currently suffering native an aging problem. There are couple of Superstars under 30 top top the main roster, and also NXT is no different. All the champion on RAW and SmackDown are over 30, while part are also over 40, through the sole exception of Sasha banks (29).

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A current report ensured that WWE officials room well conscious of the problem. That led the firm to concern a new doctrine setting an age limit for its brand-new developmental signings in ~ 30. Follow to Dave Meltzer the the wrestles Observer, WWE will certainly not break the rule unless that is for exceptional talent or those who have actually made a name elsewhere.

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WWE) February 27, 2021

The WWE main roster has actually lost a few young talent in the past year. The authors of Pain, Rezar (26) and also Akam (27), to be released throughout the Covid-19 lay-off. Buy it Logan (26) experienced the very same fate together well.

The "10 youngest WWE superstar on the key roster" list that we released in late 2019 has changed dramatically over the past couple of months.

Here is one updated perform of the five youngest superstar on the key roster today.

#5. WWE Superstar Sonya Deville (27 year old)

Sonya Deville joined WWE in 2015 following her joining in the WWE"s fact show challenging Enough. Back she did not win, Sonya signed a developmental contract v WWE.

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The combined martial artist made her televised NXT debut in respectable 2016. Almost a year later, Deville (24 at the time) joined up through Mandy Rose and also Paige to do her main roster debut on life as part of Absolution.

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