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Remember going come Pizza Hut as a kid? The glorious aroma of pizza covering you as you were caused a classic red booth decked out in a red and white checkered tablecloth under the cozy glow that a stained-glass Tiffany-style lamp.

You’d score part quarters to play one arcade game as friend waited for your personal Pan Pizza, served hot in a actors iron skillet. Life to be good.

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Or was that Chuck-E-Cheese?

Nah it to be the Hut. Now, Pizza Hut is bringing back all the nostalgic feels to customers v a new brand project from GSD&M that records the ide of ‘Newstalgia.’ The project puts a modern twist top top celebrating every the things human being love and associate v the brand – from publication It! pins, standard arcade games, red cups and also Tiffany-style lamps and of course, above Pizza Hut pizzas.

To aid launch the campaign, Pizza Hut teamed up with new spokesperson, actor and comedian Craig Robinson (who safeguarded our Reel 360’s editor’s name during a stand-up set), for a TV spot command by Chelsea Picture’s David Gordon Green featuring the actor/comedian play a retro PAC-MAN video game while enjoy it a $10 Tastemaker pizza.

The comedian deserve to be viewed embodying that ‘kid in ~ heart’ and ultimate pizza lover in the brand-new TV spot “Dots,” as he enjoys a $10 Tastemaker pizza while playing a vintage PAC-MAN tabletop video game – as with the old days dining in at Pizza Hut. Watch below:

“Everyone has their own special Pizza Hut storage – from gift a publication IT! child or grabbing post-game pizza v your tiny league buddies,” Robinson said. “Growing increase in the 80s, mine was going right into Pizza Hut and also devouring those little PAC-MAN dots similar to I did mine pizza. Those arcade gamings in the restaurant – there was nothing much better as a kid.”

“There aren’t countless brands with an ext iconic elements than us, whether it’s the red cups, checkered tablecloths, connection to pop culture and to chat – choose PAC-MAN – or our iconic Pan Pizza,” detailed George Felix, chief Marketing Officer, Pizza Hut. “As we look to connect with a new generation of pizza lovers, we room tapping right into those things that do Pizza Hut great in a modern and relevant way.”


Beginning today, fans who play the AR PAC-MAN game can get in for a possibility to win their an extremely own custom Arcade1Up PAC-MAN game cabinet. Here’s how it works:

Order a big pizza from Pizza Hut. Scan the QR code on limited-edition PAC-MAN box and play the awesome AR PAC-MAN game. Then, to enter the sweepstakes, monitor the on-screen prompts come share your score with
PizzaHut ~ above Twitter making use of #PizzaHutARcade #Sweepstakes.

The best part? friend don’t should be a PAC-MAN wiz come win! No issue your high score, as long as girlfriend share it, you have a chance to win. Limited-edition PAC-MAN box easily accessible while offers last. No purchase necessary.

On April 3rd, Pizza Hut will randomly select one happy winner from every eligible entries properly submitted to get the tradition PAC-MAN arcade game cabinet for your home.

“PAC-MAN’s design and creation was inspired by the form of a pizza v a slice taken the end of it, do this partnership so appropriate for the PAC-MAN brand,” stated Yutaka Fuse, Head of Licensing and also Branding in ~ BANDAI NAMCO entertainment Inc. “PAC-MAN games and also Pizza Hut pizzas accounting a special place in plenty of people’s memories; we’re excited to have the possibility to develop fun memories because that a new generation of PAC-MAN and Pizza Hut fans v this collaboration.”

The PAC-MAN box, AR game and TV spot are just the beginning. Throughout the year, Pizza Hut will certainly be fueling pizza lover with brand-new innovation, bringing ago iconic pizzas and tapping into entertainment and also pop culture in new and unanticipated ways.

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Robinson will certainly be the face and mouth that Pizza Hut, and also the project for the rest of the year.


CLIENT: Pizza Hut