describe briefly the antagonist and protagonist the Macbeth. Offer relevant instances to support your answers.
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Macbeth is clearly the protagonist the the play, yet he"s also in some method his own antagonist. Macbeth is a essentially weak, vacillating character who needs to it is in constantly goaded into action by his scheming, devious wife. His is a disordered personality, riven by contradictions. On the one hand,...

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Macbeth is clearly the protagonist of the play, yet he"s additionally in some means his very own antagonist. Macbeth is a basically weak, vacillating character who requirements to it is in constantly goaded into activity by his scheming, devious wife. His is a disordered personality, riven by contradictions. Top top the one hand, he screens guilt over murdering Duncan:

"Will all an excellent Neptune"s s wash this bloodClean from my hand? No, this my hand will ratherThe multitudinous seas incarnadine,Making the environment-friendly one red" (2.2).

No s is large enough to wash the stain of guilt native Macbeth"s bloody hands. But at the very same time he accepts, albeit reluctantly, the necessity of the crime in achieve his politics ambitions.

But fate is likewise an antagonist in the play. Many world in Shakespeare"s time were firm faithfulness in fate and also the utter futility of do the efforts to stand up to its enormous power. Initially, Macbeth resists the witches" prophecy, however he ultimately relents:

"If opportunity will have actually me king, why, possibility may crown me, Without mine stir" (1.3).

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Macbeth, like every one of us, is eventually subject come fate and also all its mysterious wiles. Macbeth fights (not an extremely hard, it must be noted) versus his antagonist, yet it is every to no avail. This does no excuse Macbeth"s action in any type of way. Fate might have determined that he will someday ascend the throne, however it is the practice of his own cost-free will that has resulted in acts of unspeakable murder. So eventually it is Macbeth that is the main antagonist in the story, and he the is who at some point destroys Macbeth the protagonist.