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The initial description of Maurice is the he is the 2nd biggest young in the choir ~ Jack. That seems powerful (broad) and because of his size, would be categorised as one of the biguns.

There to be Maurice, next in size among the choir guys to Jack, yet broad...

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The initial summary of Maurice is the he is the second biggest young in the choir ~ Jack. The seems an effective (broad) and because the his size, would be categorised as among the biguns.

There was Maurice, next in size amongst the choir guys to Jack, but vast and grinning all the time.

... There to be a dubious region inhabited through Simon and Robert and Maurice, nonetheless no one had actually any challenge in recognizing biguns at one end and littluns in ~ the other.

Because that his noticeable strength, Maurice would aid with the an ext physically demanding tasks, as indicated in the complying with extract:

The twins, Sam ’n Eric, were the first to obtain a likely log however they can do nothing till Ralph, Jack, Simon, Roger and Maurice discovered room because that a hand-hold.

Since he was a bigger boy, it seems that Maurice had been rather of a bully at home. He likewise showed indicators of wanting to execute the same on the island. He, however, confirm himself.

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In his various other life Maurice had received chastisement for filling a younger eye v sand. Now, despite there was no parent to let fall a hefty hand, Maurice quiet felt the unease the wrongdoing.

Maurice at some point becomes one of the core members that Jack"s group of hunters and is dominated by the savagery that Jack imposes. Together a hunter, the is duty-bound to Jack"s authority and, v the others, captures and also imprisons the twins on his instruction. He also becomes component of the group which hunts for Ralph.