The actress and also her composer husband put their back-to-back mansions ~ above the market earlier in October, and the smaller one is still available

The actress, that is the daughter of late actor Peter Fonda, and also her composer husband put their mutual Los Angeles nature on the industry in October for $8.8 million and $5.8 million— because that a merged price tags of $14.6 million. Now, they've offered the larger mansion because that $8.75 million, the Los Angeles Times reports.

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The smaller sized property, which Fonda and Elfman supplied as a guesthouse, is quiet on the market with a brand-new asking price of $4.888 million.

The newly sold home is about 8,300 square feet with 6 bedrooms and eight bathrooms. That boasts a variety of unique amenities, consisting of a sunroom overlooking a courtyard and also fountain as well as a substantial ballroom, i beg your pardon the pair converted into a house theater.

The smaller property is around 4,300 square feet and also has 4 bedrooms and also six bathrooms, and plenty that luxurious living spaces decorated in a Midcentury style.






Even though the pair put both houses on the industry simultaneously, the 2 properties were purchased many years apart.

Elfman purchase the larger home earlier in 2000 because that $2.13 million before tying the knot with Fonda, follow to the wall Street Journal. Back he defined that what attracted him come the home was the fact that the "hadn't been every redone," the mansion needed an extensive restoration — which finished up taking about three years and also costing around $3 million.

"There to be a point where ns was kicking myself, favor I'm putting all this money in and I don't also get one extra room," he told the newspaper. "But there's a certain point whereby you've committed to a project and also you have to see it through."

Fonda and Elfman, that wed in 2003 and are parental to a 15-year-old son, lived with each other in the main house for over a decade, before Elfman to buy the neighboring residence for $3.6 million in 2015.

The composer said the wall Street newspaper that that purchased the property without acquisition a closer look at it first, together his mam had already fallen in love with it.

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Although the pair never planned on offering their mansions, the coronavirus pandemic adjusted everything.

As lockdown began, they headed to Santa Barbara, where they very own a ranch. While at first they only planned on continuing to be there for a month, they finished up deciding to do the ranch their primary home.

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Elfman walk on to tell the newspaper that in spite of the huge shift, castle do setup on to buy a smaller sized residence in Los Angeles, whereby they deserve to spend time till their kid graduates indigenous high school.

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