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GettyBeth Holloway participates in the beginning of the Natalee Holloway resource Center top top June 8, 2010 in Washington, DC.

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ABC News recalled exactly how Beth drummed increase media fist that put pressure on Aruban authorities. However, it never resulted in charges. Come ABC, she spoke around the fatality of Flores, and an extortion payment she made to the suspect, saying, “Some civilization have said, ‘Well, friend know, Beth, if friend hadn’t sent out him that $25,000 he most likely wouldn’t have had the money to walk to Peru and then kill Stephany.’ Well, hell no. I did every little thing I knew come do,” Beth Holloway said. “Whoever was responsible because that letting Joran leave that island, Aruba – they are the persons that have to sleep at night over Stephany Flores’ death. No me.”

The 20/20 show explains how Beth traveled to Aruba and Peru looking for answers. In Peru, she even met valve der Sloot in prison and also asked him directly what happened to Natalee. She said him, “Let me take she home,” and he responded, “I’ve had actually a many time below to really think. I really carry out want to write you. I require some time come think around what I desire to say.” yet those answers never came.

Beth returned to Aruba for 20/20. She revealed that the island no much longer holds strength over her, she keeps she daughter’s an elderly portrait in her room, and also the ache of loss never ever goes away.

“Every morning i go give her a kiss on the cheek, trace my hands down the rosary beads and across and just say a prayer. Some days I’ll say, ‘What space we doin’ today, Natalee?’ and ‘Let’s perform this today.’ So i feel choose she’s quiet a team with me,” she added to 20/20. “She was constantly a control force, therefore she’s been v me every the way.”

In current years, Beth started the Natalee Holloway source Center. “In partnership v Natalee’s mother, Beth Holloway, the Natalee Holloway resource Center (NHRC) introduced on June 8, 2010,” its website says. “NHRC concentrates on education and crime prevention; that is not a recovery center. In the event that a love one does go missing, NHRC will administer families v information and also resources to assist them in the critical first hrs of their find process.”

The mission “is to act together a resource center in the areas of missing person(s), traveling for sure programs, and educational programs for the youth.”

In 2007, Beth Holloway wrote a book.

News reports once declared that Beth to be dating man Ramsey, the dad of deceased kid beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey. Ramsey went on to gain married to who else. His lawyer said they were just friends. In 2007, Beth’s husband, and Natalee’s stepdad, George Twitty, filed because that divorce.

Prosecutors to speak Natalee’s mommy was the Victim that Extortion


In 2010, Beth Holloway’s lawyer stated that van der Sloot, using a false name, asked the for hundreds of dollars to lead him come Natalee’s body. The lawyer described Joran to 20/20 together a gambler. After ~ receiving money indigenous the Holloways, the lawyer states that Joran asserted he threw Natalee come the ground and her head hit a rock. He asserted that his currently deceased father had hidden her in a house foundation. However, van der Sloot later asserted that story was a lie too.

At that point, he went to Peru. Follow to ABC, Stephany Flores to be a university student that was the “daughter of a presidential candidate.” She to be beaten come death. He was arrested in Chile after a manhunt, and was likewise charged v wire and also extortion offenses by U.S. Prosecutors.

According come a press release indigenous the U.S. Room of justice in 2010, a federal grand jury indicted valve der Sloot, a citizen of the Netherlands, “on dues of cable fraud and extortion for soliciting money from Natalee Holloway’s mom on assures he would expose the ar of she daughter’s continues to be in Aruba and also the situations of she 2005 death.”

The info he offered was false, the release states, adding, “The two-count indictment filed in U.S. District Court charges valve der Sloot through extortion for exploiting Beth Holloway’s are afraid that she would certainly never find her daughter’s body or understand what taken place to her unless she paid him $250,000. The indictment additionally charges valve der Sloot with wire fraud for using false assures that he would expose the location of Natalee Holloway’s human body in order to induce Beth Holloway to do wire transfers of money.”


The relax adds, “After valve der Sloot originally contacted Kelly (Beth’s attorney) and also said that would expose the location of Natalee Holloway’s continues to be for $250,000, he later agreed to lead Kelly to the site of her stays for $25,000. Once identification of the stays was confirmed, Beth Holloway was to salary the staying $225,000 to van der Sloot.”

However, the relax adds, “Van der Sloot got the $25,000 indigenous Beth Holloway and also led Kelly come a particular site in Aruba. He determined the site as the place where Natalee Holloway’s remains were buried, although he knew that information was false. Van der Sloot maintained the $25,000, however later shown by e-mail that the details he had listed was ‘worthless."”

You can read the indictment here.

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Van der Sloot is serving a 28-year jail sentence he obtained in 2012. Once his sentence is complete there, he encounters extradition to the U.S.