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Artemidorus. "Caesar, beware the Brutus; take it heed that Cassius;come not close to Casca; have an eye come Cinna, to trust notTrebonius: note well Metellus Cimber: Decius Brutusloves thee not: she hast wronged Caius Ligarius.There is but one mind in every these men, and it isbent against Caesar. If you beest not immortal,look around you: protection gives method to conspiracy.The mighty gods defend thee! thy lover,"ARTEMIDORUS."Here will certainly I was standing till Caesar pass along,And together a suitor will certainly I give him this.My heart laments that virtue can not liveOut the the this of emulation.If thou check out this, O Caesar, she mayst live;If not, the Fates v traitors do contrive.



Soothsayer. Ay, Caesar; yet not gone.

Artemidorus. Hail, Caesar! read this schedule.



Decius Brutus. Trebonius doth desire you come o"erread,At your ideal leisure, this his humble suit.

Artemidorus. O Caesar, check out mine first; for mine"s a suitThat touches Caesar nearer: check out it, good Caesar.



Caesar. What touches us ourself candlestick be last served.


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hold-up not, Caesar; review it instantly.

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