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Published 6:53 pm Thursday, July 7, 2011


Laymen Brotherhood second Chance Outreach

We as Americans space blessed every day and also we should be thankful and humble.

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On July 4th as ns performed the invocation at the boat Basin, thousands of world of every ages, races, genders and backgrounds were there. As I looked up to Heaven, I said to God “thank you for the blessing.”

As the lady sang the nationwide Anthem, and as the Pledge that Allegiance to be recited, i remember looking come the sky and saying thank you God because that this day, a day we have never seen before and never will check out again. I also thanked God because that his people as i looked out among everyone sitting so attentively. These room all blessing from our dad in Heaven.

A lot of definitions describe blessings.

Bless comes from the word “Barak,” which way to kneel and thus come bless. Check out Chronicles II chapter 6:13, Psalm 95:6, Genesis 27:33, Exodus 18:10, Deuteronomy 24:8, Ruth 4:14 and Psalm 68:19.

God does not just bless men, yet He additionally blesses women, number 23:20, Psalm 109:28, Isaiah 61:9.

Persons might likewise bless one another, (Genesis 27:33).

In the brand-new Testament, words bless way fortunate or happy. Blessed shows up in the new Testament 88 times. The Beatitude in Matthew 5:3-11, which to be the Sermon top top the Mount, began with “blessed.”

A few weeks ago, our Laymen Outreach Ministry obtained a blessing from the Lord with a local company. Ours old van to be at the point of mechanical failure, but God had an angel watching the end for us, someone that I did not know. We obtained a 2002 van. God knew what us needed. Each and every day, ns pray to the lord to bless me therefore I have the right to be a blessing to someone else. To God we provide all the glory! We likewise thanked the agency immeasurably, which gave us the van. Once we acquire blessings, that is not about us, it is all around God and also we need to keep functioning for the Lord.

In Genesis 12: 1-3, God said Abram he would bless him, bless those who bless him and whoever curses Abram, God would certainly curse.

We have to be careful, how we act a man or mrs of God.

First Chronicles 16:22 tells us, touch not my anointed ones, execute my prophets no harm. We should treat anyone right, nevertheless of how they law us.

The bible tells us execute not use blessings to impress others (Kings II 20:12-19).

Nehemiah 9:35 tells united state not to let blessings reason us come forget God, due to the fact that he is the one that made it every possible.

Another Biblical definition for blessings is happiness, favor, prayer or heavenly reward.

Proverbs 10:22 tell united state the blessing of the Lord bring wealth, and he included no sorry through it. Our key objective is to save souls. We room blessed every day when we wake up in the morning in our ideal mind. Once we retire because that bed each night and get a relaxed night sleep without any harm coming to us, we space blessed.

I give thanks to the mr for life, health and strength. Occasionally we have to have a Damascus road experience like Saul before we can gain blessed. Saul was knocked down and blinded for three days before he was blessed.

Some of ours eyes room opened, however we room still spiritually blind. Periodically we have to go v hardships in bespeak to be blessed. God’s blessing comes v a price and that is to it is in obedient, job-related hard and also sacrifice. God has actually no respect of persons, what that does for one; he can also do because that another. God loves us with an everlasting love and wants the ideal for his children.

Who God blesses, no man can curse, and who God curses no man deserve to bless.

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The Rev. Adren Bivins Sr., a clergy, is the founder that Laymen Brotherhood second Chance Outreach center Inc., a non-profit Bainbridge organization. He deserve to be reached by phone call (229) 465-3752 or 416-0476.