Country star Tim McGraw is among the most impressive performers the end there. The Louisiana native and son of previous MLB playerTug McGraw(who influenced the timeless country song "Live like You to be Dying") has proven that in enhancement to gift a Grammy Award-winning artist with numerousBillboard-topping hits, he has what that takes to have a successful acting career. McGraw complied with the route of other nation singers likeGeorge StraitandReba McEntirewho"ve tried their hand in front of the camera. And also if we"ve learned anything, it"s the he isn"t preventing anytime soon...he yes, really is the good.

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We"re still not over the interesting news that McGraw will certainly be starring alongside his wife, faith Hill, top top the upcoming Yellowstone prequel series Y: 1883. The couple will be playing husband and wife onscreen as well, illustrating the very first generation of the Dutton family to work out down in Montana, long prior to Kevin Costner"s character was born. With a prolonged filmography under his belt, we have no doubt the McGraw is totally capable of leading the brand-new show together the Dutton patriarch.

Here is our ranking of all of McGraw"s ideal film functions to date. Time come crank increase Netflix and watch several of your favorite performances today!

1.The blind Side

The number one spot needs to go come McGraw"s role opposite Sandra Bullock inThe remote Side. McGraw played the role of Sean Tuohy, adoptive dad to future NFL starMichael Oher. The true story of exactly how Oher was taken in through the Tuohy household killed at package office and earned Bullock an Oscar for her portrayal the Sean"s wife, Leigh Anne.

2.Country Strong

The country star is no stranger to vast stadium tours however inCountry Strong, that spends every one of his time behind the scenes. McGraw play the role of James Canter, husband and manager of country music superstar Kelly Canter, play by Gwyneth Paltrow. Kelly is a recovering addict trying come resurrect her career and also she and James are pulled apart through an unimaginable loss. The film is moving and also the soundtrack is one incredible nation album, featuring a duet in between McGraw and Paltrow. The movie peels back the Music City curtain and enables viewers to see some of the anxiety in Nashville the you don"t always think around as a fan.

In 2004, thefilm versionof H.G. Bissinger"s publication was released. The book would go on to accumulate the belovedTV seriesstarring Connie Britton and also Kyle Chandler. McGraw plays Charles Billingsley, the father of high college football player Don Billingsley, played by Garrett Hedlund (Hedlund likewise played a nation singer ~ above tour through the Canters in Country Strong). The movie is centered around a high institution football team in Odessa, Texas. The stakes are high due to the fact that football is life in these tiny towns. Charles was a previous football star rotate alcoholic who puts tremendous pressure on his son Don come live as much as his an individual expectations. It"s a tough role that at time is difficult to watch, yet McGraw walk it really well.


This coming-of-age drama stars McGraw in his an initial leading role: ranch owner plunder McLaughlin. When his 16-year-old daughter Katy brings in a wild horse, she should prove that she has what the takes to sooner or later take end the family members business. The "Humble and Kind" singer also served as executive producer of the film"s soundtrack which featured the tune "My tiny Girl," a hit on the charts and also one that the nation star co-wrote v songwriter Tom Douglas.

This could be an unexpected choice butFour Christmases is a serious under-appreciated Christmas film. The story followsReese Witherspoonand Vince Vaughn do the efforts to walk on holidays for the holidays and ending increase visiting both parents" homes in their corresponding divorced families. McGraw theatre Vaughn"s brothers Dallas that is totally hilarious when paired v their brother Denver, played by Jon Favreau. While many of his career is focused in dramatic roles, this unanticipated film mirrors that McGraw actually has actually some major comedic chops.

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In thisDisneyfilm, McGraw played the function of NASA engineer Eddie Newton, dad of the film"s lead character Casey Newton (played through Britt Robertson). With the aid of one inventor, play by George Clooney, Casey discoversTomorrowlandand is maybe to get her father a new job. The movie is sweet, yet we great it had an ext McGraw!

7.The Shack

This emotionally film follows the story of Mack, a man whose faith is shattered ~ his daughter is walk away by a serial killer. That is invite to a home where that meets three world symbolizing the divine Trinity who aid him find his confidence again. McGraw dram Mack"s friend Willie, that is likewise the narrator that the film. McGraw and his wife Faith Hillsing a duet the is featured on the film"s soundtrack.

McGraw rejoined withFriday Night Lights manager Peter Berg come play the duty of Aaron Jackson, an angry widower whose wife passed far in the terrorist assault that is central to the plot. It"s a tiny role, yet it mirrors off McGraw"s an abilities for drama in this thriller certification Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Garner, and also Chris Cooper.


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Black Cloud

Child star turned filmmaker rick Schroder wrote and also directed this 2004 film about a Navajo guy trying to seek a boxing career and make it come the Olympics. In among his first acting roles, McGraw plays Sheriff Cliff Powers, who has tendency to side through the neighborhood cowboys that don"t assistance Black Cloud or his dream.