a. They sent Thomas Jefferson and also Ben Franklin come London come express your grievances

b. They gift the Olive Branch Petition come King George III together a compromise

c. They agreed come accept every one of Parliament"s needs for lifting the Intolerable Acts

d. Castle promised come disarm if parliament would remove the british soldiers

Which statement is true concerning British taxes rates throughout the 1760"s?

a. They were the highest in Europe

b. They were considerably lower 보다 the rates in the colonies

c. They to be the second lowest in Europe

d. They were the very same as the prices in the colonies

How did americans oppose the stamp Act?

a. Street battle aircraft maimed or murdered everyone who sustained the act

b. Americans damaged and destroyed property

c. Gangs of seaman tarred and feathered stamp distributors

d. Significant women led a wide-spread boycott of stamps

What walk the Townshend Duties do?

a. They eliminated taxes on all items other than those being shipped to the british West Indies

b. Castle raised huge amounts of revenue and also helped to alleviate the british treasury"s severe deficit

c. They set moderate tax rates on particular imported items to the colonies

d. They required that all legal documents and newspapers be published on distinct watermarked paper

Which the the complying with was the attorney who defeated the british soldiers accused of shooting on the civilians in the Boston Massacre?

a. John Adams

b. Thomas Hutchinson

c. Cutting board Paine

d. Samuel Adams

What beliefs did loyalists and also patriots share?

a. Lock were all opposed come secession from Britain

b. They both opposed Parliament"s claim of government to taxes the colonies

c. Lock worried about what would occur if the patriots have to be victorious

d. Castle agreed the those on the losing side need to forfeit their rights to any land they held

While waging the American revolution and running the government prior to 1787, exactly how was Congress restricted by the write-ups or Confederation?

a. The posts prohibited conference from placing tariffs ~ above imports

b. The short articles gave too lot power come the executive

c. The articles did not offer Congress the authority to order claims to comply with its requests

d. The write-ups failed to create a judiciary

Which that the following was no an advantage that the British had actually over the american in the battle for Independence?

a. Britain had actually a almost unlimited ability to finance the war, no matter exactly how long the dragged on

b. Britain had large #s of sldiers currently stationed in north America

c. Britain had resources to hire German mercenaries together soldiers

d. Britain had on of the best navies in the world

How can the American military in the at an early stage years the the battle for self-reliance be characterized?

a. It to be a well-trained army with a strong tradition of bravery under fire

b. It was buoyed through a wire of exciting victories

c. It was floundering because of a lack of efficient or respect leaders

d. The was not trained to fight pitched battles against professional armies

Why was the fight of Saratoga so significant to the American Revolution?

a. It encouraged France to support the U.S publicly

b. It persuaded Spain to assistance the U.S publicly

c. It encouraged Russia to assistance the U.S publicly

d. It convinced Sweden to assistance the U.s publicly

Who to be Friedrich von Steuben?

a. He was the commander of the Hessian forces employed by the British throughout the battle for Independence

b. He to be the representative that Prussia in ~ the Paris tranquility conference

c. He to be the guy who rotate the American military into a formidable fighting force

d.he to be the leader the the Antifederalist forces in Pennsylvania

Which the the adhering to battles required the British government to commence tranquility negotiations v the Americans?

a. Yorktown

b. Saratoga

c. Camden

d. Brand-new York

According come the Northwest Ordinance, a territory can be admitted together a new state when

a. It adopted a structure prohibiting slavery

b. It might prove the it had eliminated the existence of Indians

c. Its people voted to expropriate the Constitution

d. Its population reached 60,000

What to be the results of the result of the battles at Trenton and Princeton?

a. Castle strengthened the bargaining place of new Jersey"s 5,000 loyalists

b. They boosted the morale and also optimism of british troops

c. They enhanced civilian and military morale of the Americans

d. They permitted the brothers to double their troop strength in brand-new Jersey and Delaware

Abigail Adams is ideal remembered for

a. Sewing the 1st American flag

b. Participating in essential boycotts of brothers goods during the Revolution

c. Serving as a spy throughout the American Revolution

d. Challenging gender duties in a letter to she husband

What concern united westerners, southerners, and also some mid-Atlantic citizens into a politics coalition that challenged the Federalists and called because that a return to the "true principles" of republicanism?

a. A national financial program whose main beneficiaries seemed to some segments the American culture to be east "monied men" and brand-new Englanders that refused to pay their debts

b. The attempt by George Washington to run for a 2nd term even though he had not ceded on his campaign promises

c. Man Adam"s statement that he need to be addressed together one would address a king

d. A break down of law and also order ~ above the frontier and also the skepticism that the Federalists cared only around protecting their investments

a. A national economic program whose key beneficiaries seemed to part segments of American culture to be east "monied men" and new Englanders who refused come pay their debts


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Why space the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions so significant to American history?

a. They established the precedent that states had the appropriate to secede indigenous the union

b. They confirmed the fix of Southern says to withstand the removed of slavery

c. They required Federalists to acknowledge the importance of including a invoice of rights in the constitution

d. They do the insurance claim that a state had actually the right to nullify federal laws it deemed unconstitutional

d. They make the case that a state had the best to nullify federal laws it deemed unconstitutional


In terms of the nation"s economy, Hamilton related to debt as

a. Destructive, particular to dig a hole that would certainly bury the brand-new nation

b. A good thing since it would certainly tie those in blame to the nation"s future success

c. Neither poor nor good; just a fact of life

d. None of the above

b. A an excellent thing since it would tie those in blame to the nation"s future success


In his taking leave address, George Washington advised the the U.S. Should

a. Build upon its friendly connections with France

b. Maintain a nearby alliance with good Britain

c. Steer clean of party factionalism and avoid foreign entanglements

d. Maintain a large standing army

c. Steer clear of party factionalism and avoid foreign entanglements


What an easy belief walk Hamilton"s residential program reflect?

a. The survive of the commonwealth government depended upon the republican virtues the the usual people

b. The federal government and national economy had to it is in strengthened

c. America"s finest opportunity for financial survival put in that is traditional source of strength, agriculture

d. The state needed to reassert strength over the national government, because individual self-sacrifice and virtue to be most reliable on the neighborhood level

b. The federal government and national economy had to be strengthened


Which of the adhering to did the invoice of civil liberties NOT do?

a. That guaranteed an individual liberties such together public debate, religious beliefs, and procedures for a fair trial

b. It stated explicit limits on commonwealth power

c. It safeguarded citizens from the tyranny of standing armies

d. That prohibited cruel and also unusual punishments

b. It mentioned explicit borders on federal power


Who took the lead in creating the Washington administration"s residential priorities?

a. George Washington

b. Benjamin Franklin

c. Thomas Jefferson

d. Alexander Hamilton

d. Alexander Hamilton


Which worry led come the advance of political coalitions during Washington"s first term?

a. Hamilton"s financial program

b. The development of the federal court system

c. Marbury vs. Madison

d. Washington"s successor

a. Hamilton"s jae won program


What to be the definition of the Whiskey Rebellion?

a. The new republic was not as linked as leaders hoped; there were serious regional and course tensions

b. It marked the 1st challenge to federal authority

c. Nobody of this choices

d. A,b,d

d. A,b,d


How did the French change further exacerbate sectional politics in the U.S?

a. Southerners favored Britain due to the fact that they thought that the British available the ideal potential sector for southern agricultural exports

b. Republicans supported France"s assault on monarchy; Federalists favored Britain and denounced the French as a "mobocracy"

c. Brand-new Englanders favored France since of the alliance signed during the American change and because of their desire to watch the French humiliate King George III

d. Nobody of the above

b. Republicans supported France"s attack on monarchy; Federalists favored Britain and also denounced the French as a "mobocracy"


Which that the following beliefs did cutting board Jefferson hold?

a. High taxes, was standing armies, and corruption could destroy American liberty by turning government into the grasp rather 보다 the servant of the people

b. The brother parliamentary mechanism was the surest design for american to follow

c. To maintain order, a federal government had come levy an extensive taxes and also maintain a sizable was standing army

d. Human being should discover to offer the federal government rather 보다 expecting the government to offer the people

a. High taxes, stand armies, and also corruption might destroy American liberty by transforming government into the grasp rather 보다 the servant of the people


Who did cutting board Jefferson think were the most vigilant and virtuous people?

a. City dwellers

b. Indigenous americans

c. Factory workers

d. Educated farmers

d. Education farmers


What is the definition of the supreme Court decision in Marbury vs. Madison?

a. Marbury deserved his appointment as a justice of the peace

b. The supreme Court had actually the government to determine the constitutionality of a law

c. Conference did not have the strength to pass laws

d. The can be fried Court go not have actually constitutional jurisdiction over this case

b. The can be fried Court had actually the government to determine the constitutionality the a law


Which that the following statements does no accurately defines the battle of 1812?

a. The fight of brand-new Orleans allowed Americans to success generous state in the treaty of Ghent

b. It developed even though good Britain had chose to seek tranquility prior to the U.S declaration of war

c. Americans launched a series of unsuccessful strikes on Canada

d. It to be militarily indecisive but left the U.S together a major power

a. The battle of new Orleans permitted Americans to success generous terms in the contract of Ghent


The main worry that resulted in the "Missouri Compromise" was

a. The require to preserve a balance between agricultural states and industrial states

b. The lack of a supplication in the constitution for join of new states into the union

c. Keeping the balance between slave claims and cost-free states

d. The lack of a delivery in the structure for join of brand-new states right into the union

c. Keeping the balance between slave states and free states


The Chesapeake-Leopard Affair the so enraged american and nearly precipitated a war occurred when i m sorry of this countries assaulted a U.S warship?

a. France

b. Britain

c. Spain

d. Russia

b. Britain


Who led American forces at the fight of new Orleans?

a.Oliver Perry

b. Wilhelm Harrison

c. Andrew Jackson

d. Cutting board Gage

c. Andrew Jackson


Why did thomas Jefferson favor sovereignty of state government over the commonwealth government?

a. The knew the the opposition Federalist party still dominated the commonwealth government

b. He want the claims to be totally free to build new cities

c. He feared the the federal government would carry out financial assistance to manufacturers, leaving the claims to subsidize household farms

d. He believed that state federal government was more responsive to well-known will

d. He thought that state government was much more responsive to well-known will


In chairman Jefferson"s view, what did the Judiciary plot of 1801 demonstrate?

a. The Federalists were trying to make the judiciary your stronghold

b. John Marshall had actually to it is in impeached

c. The constitution Convention had actually been not correct in not describing the federal judiciary in better detail

d. None of the above

a. The Federalists were trying to do the judiciary your stronghold


In his last days in office, how did President john Adams attempt to expand his influence on the federal federal government after he was gone?

a. He rehired federal judges fired by president Jefferson late in the evening of his first day together president

b. He rental his kid to the supreme Court

c. That appointed members of his Federalist party as new justices to the supreme Court

d. He developed a new, life-long room position and also named john Marshall to the post

c. He appointed members the his Federalist party as new justices come the supreme Court


What is the meaning of the supreme Court decision in Marbury vs. Madison?

a. Marbury deserved his appointment as a justice of the peace

b. The can be fried Court go not have constitutional jurisdiction over this case

c. Congress did not have the strength to happen laws

d. The supreme Court had the government to identify the constitutionality of a law

d. The supreme Court had actually the government to determine the constitutionality the a law


Thomas Jefferson believed that the U.S army should?

a. Stay the same size together he inherited it

b. Be increased in size to aid manage the country"s brand-new territory

c. Lessened in dimension to save money

d. Be enhanced in dimension in order to have the ability to compete with any type of military in the world

c. Reduced in dimension to conserve money


How effective was the 1807 Embargo Act?

a. The severely ache the American economy and had tiny influence on international countries

b. That damaged Franco-American relations and led to the war of 1812

c. It compelled the French to give up the continent System

d. None of the above

a. That severely pains the American economy and also had tiny influence on international countries


Alexander Hamilton was killed by this vice President?

a. John Adams

b. Cutting board Jefferson

c. Man Quincy Adams

d. Aaron Burr

d. Aaron Burr


President Jefferson"s main reason authorizing the Lewis and Clarke exploration was to

a. Find a water route across the country

b. Christianize indigenous Americans

c. Convince skeptics of the worth of the territory

d. None of the above

a. Find a water route throughout the country


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What was the Virginia Plan?

15 reasons why the posts of Confederation have to be altered and also why the power have to be break-up into 3 branches (legislative, executive, and judicial)


Who came up v the Virginia Plan?

Drafted by James Madison, and presented by Edmund Randolph to the constitution Convention on might 29, 1787