As the civilization mourns the happen of Regis Philbin, civilization are going ago and looking in ~ Philbin’s success and career. One point that Philbin was recognized for was his time ~ above Who desires to it is in a Millionnaire. As fans look back on the above show, the well known clip of man Carpenter win $1 million has resurfaced. So, what occurred to Carpenter after ~ winning all the cash?


Regis Philbin, Debbie and also John Carpenter | Maria Melin/Walt Disney tv via Getty Images

The iconic scene

Carpenter went on the show in 1999. In ~ the time, he to be a 31-year-old, functioning for the inner Revenue Service. On his very first day top top the show, he answered his very first two questions correctly, which enabled him come return the next day. On that day, Carpenter had actually to prize 13 questions correctly to win the grand prize that $1 million.

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Throughout the food of the episode, Carpenter was confident in his answers and also didn’t use any type of of his lifelines to assist him. It wasn’t till the last question, the million-dollar question, that Carpenter determined to call his dad.

The concern that Carpenter seemed to be struggling on to be “which of this U.S. Presidents showed up on the television collection ‘Laugh-In’?” His choices were lyndon B. Johnson, Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter, and also Gerald Ford.

“Um,” Carpenter said. “I’d choose to speak to my parents ideal now, usage my lifeline.”

The show called his father and Philbin defined the situation to Carpenter’s dad. But, once Carpenter gained on the line, that didn’t in reality ask his dad for help.

“Hi, Dad,” Carpenter said. “I nothing really need your help. I simply wanted come let you recognize that i’m gonna success the million dollars. The U.S. President who appeared on ‘Laugh-In’ to be Richard Nixon, it is my last answer.”

At the very least once every day i think about John Carpenter, the dude who very first ran the table in 'Who desires to it is in a Millionaire?' and used his lifeline to flex on national TV for 30 secs

— plunder Perez (
WorldWideWob) February 13, 2018

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Philbin was shocked as no one had ever before won the cool prize before.

“Well, my gosh!” Philbin said and spoke come Carpenter’s wife. “What deserve to I speak except: Debbie, she going come Paris, and this is the final answer heard all approximately the world. He’s won a million dollars!”

What is Carpenter approximately now?

Now, Carpenter looks back on the moment and is therefore thankful that his attempt at a joke ended with the winning the money.

“It to be a spur the the minute thing,” he said in a current interview, according to The Washington Post. “I’m a tiny bit of a smart*ss. I look back on it and also — well, thank God ns was right.”

Ultimately, Carpenter only finished up with around $600,000 of the money after taxes to be deducted. However even v that huge amount of money in his pocket, Carpenter chose to keep working for the IRS.

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“It’s a h*ll the a most money, but I live in new England,” that said. “If I lived somewhere else, possibly it would be different.”

So, at some point not lot has adjusted for Carpenter. That still functions at his job and doesn’t live extravagantly by any means.

What happened to Regis Philbin?

Philbin died on July 24, just one month far from his 88th birthday.