As the just continent there is no a border top top thePacific Ocean, Africa rectal a distinctive position in terms ofglobal geography.

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Click to see complete answer. likewise asked, what continent does the Pacific ocean touch?

Five continent touched by the PACIFICOCEAN: phibìc America, south America, Asia, Australia,Antarctica.

Subsequently, question is, i beg your pardon continent is surrounding by the Atlantic and also Pacific Ocean? The continent is surrounded by the PacificOcean, Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, and North America.South America is the world"s 4th largest continent, withan area that 6,890,000 square miles.

Subsequently, question is, i m sorry continent does no touch any other continents?


Which ocean separates Australia Africa?

Indian s

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What s does the element Meridian cross the equator?

The ocean is situated in the an ar close to theNorth Pole and also is partially located in the east Hemisphere. Boththe prime meridian and also antimeridian cross through theArctic Ocean, and therefore the segment the the oceanbetween these 2 longitudinal lines is component of the EasternHemisphere.
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What country is closest come the Pacific Ocean?

The ocean"s west border touch Asia andAustralia while its eastern border touches North and South America.The Pacific Ocean rectal 33.3% of the earth"s surface withan area of 63.6 million square miles.
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Which ocean has the deepest trench?

The Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trench isthe deepest known point in Earth"s oceans. In 2010 theUnited States facility for coastal & Ocean Mappingmeasured the depth of the Challenger Deep in ~ 10,994 meters(36,070 feet) listed below sea level with an approximated verticalaccuracy of ± 40 meters.
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What nation lies on the equator?

The 13 Countries that Lie ~ above theEquator
The countries of Sao Tome and Principe, Gabon,Republic the the Congo, the autonomous Republic the the Congo,Uganda, Kenya, Somalia, Maldives, Indonesia, Kiribati, Ecuador,Colombia, and also Brazil all lie along theequator.
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Which ocean is not found in the southern Hemisphere?

Answer and Explanation: the the five oceans, onlyone is not at least partly in the SouthernHemisphere. The Arctic Ocean is fully in theNorthern Hemisphere.
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Which countries touch the equator?

The Answer:
The equator passes v 13 countries:Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Sao Tome & Principe, Gabon, Republicof the Congo, autonomous Republic that the Congo, Uganda, Kenya,Somalia, Maldives, Indonesia and Kiribati.
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Does Africa touch one more continent?

The African Continent
that covers a complete area of 11.7 million square mile andhas a total population size of end 1.22 billion, making that thesecond most occupied continent in the world as well.Africa has borders along the Indian and Atlantic seas andthe Red and Mediterranean Seas.
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Which ocean is top top the eastern side that Africa?

Indian Ocean
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Which ocean is touching the western border that Africa?

The Arctic Ocean is located on the north edgeof the continent when the Atlantic Ocean is situated on thecontinent"s east edge and the Pacific Ocean borders it onthe western and also southern edges. Apart from theoceans, the Caribbean Sea additionally borders NorthAmerica.

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Which ocean does not border Asia?

Atlantic Ocean
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Which continent is the closest come Africa?

Spain, in Europe, is incredibly close to Africa.In fact, you can see Africa indigenous Gibraltar (a Britishterritory on the southern pointer of Spain): eventually Africaand Europe will meet, closing increase the Mediterranean Sea along theStrait of Gibraltar.
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What s surrounds Antarctica?

Southern Ocean
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