The molecule that functions as the reducing agent (electron donor) in a oxidization or oxidation-reduction reaction...

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During glycolysis, as soon as each molecule that glucose is catabolized to two molecules the pyruvate, most of the potential energy had in glucose is...

Energy released by the electron transport chain is provided to pump H+ into which ar in eukaryotic bio cells?

The last electron agree of the electron transport chain that features in aerobic oxidative phosphorylation is ____.

1. Glycolysis

2. Acetyl CoA (Coenzyme A)

3. Citric acid Cycle (Krebs Cycle)

4. Oxidative Phosphorylation

When a compound donates (loses) electrons, the compound i do not care _______. Such link is frequently referred to together an electron donor.

Once the electron donor is glycolysis provides up that is electrons, the is oxidized come a compound called...

Transformation the the power in glucose and also related molecules in a chemical kind that cells have the right to use for work

Covalent Bond

The type of bonding and the number of covalent bond an atoms can form with various other atoms is identified by _____

Resists adjust is pH by agree hydrogen ions when acids are added to the solution and donating hydrogen ions as soon as bases room added

Large diversity of forms of organic molecules is possible because that the substantial presence of ______ in the molecule.

The movement of glucose right into a cell against a concentration gradient is most likely to be completed by...

Co-transport that the glucose v a proton or sodium ion that was pumped across the membrane using the energy of ATP hydrolysis

The primary duty of polysaccharides attached come the glyclo-proteins and glycolipids and also animal cell membranes is...

True/ False

Diffusion is a passive procedure in i beg your pardon molecules move from a an ar of greater concentration to a region of reduced concentration

Pinocytosis/ Receptor-mediator Endocytosis is nonselective in the molecule it brings into the cell.

Pinocytosis/ Receptor-mediator Endocytosis offers much more selectivity in the cells it brings into the cells

A bacterium engulfed by a white blood cell through phagocytosis will certainly be digested by enzymes included in...

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The rigid structure, uncovered outside the plasma membrane, that surrounds and also supports the bacter cell?

The bacterial framework that acts as a selective barrier, permitting nutrients to enter the cell and wastes to leaving the cell

a shortcut forms between the carboxyl functional group of one amino acid and also the amino functional team of the other amino acid

The pattern of hydrogen binding of the protein, such together alpha-helices and beta sheets, that space observed in an atom resolution structure

Achieved when a protein folds right into a compact, three-dimensional shape, stabilized through interactions in between side chain "R-groups" the amino acids

The result of 2 or much more protein subunits assembling to form a larger, biologically active protein complex

Two strands that a DNA double helix are organized together by _____ that form between pairs of nitrogenous bases

1. Biosphere

2. Ecosystems

3. Communities

4. Populations

5. Organisms

6. Organs and also Organ Systems

7. Tissues

8. Cells

9. Organelles

10. Molecules

Descent with modification; the idea that living varieties are descendants if ancestral types that were various from the present-day ones; the readjust in the hereditary composition the a populace from generation to generation

New nature arise with each step upward in the hierarchy of life, owing to the arrangement and interactions of components as complexity increases.

Process whereby information encoded in DNA directs the synthetic of protein or, in part cases, RNAs that room not translated into proteins and also instead function as RNAs

Genetic material of an biology of virus; the complete enhance of an biology genes together with its nucleic mountain sequences

What kingdom is composed of terrestrial multicell eukaryotes (land plants) that lug outs photosynthesis, the counter of light energy to the chemical power in food

Which kingdom is identified in part by the nutritional mode of that is members (such as this mushroom) i m sorry absorb nutrient from external their bodies