Cross-Contamination and also How to avoid It

Cross-contamination is the nasty culprit behind plenty of foodborne illnesses. That’s because pathogens have the right to spread native food or unwashed hands to prepare areas, equipment, or utensils. Also if the food is cooking correctly, meals have the right to still be contaminated with pathogens if the prep procedure isn’t done properly. The CDC approximates that an mean of 3,000 world die annually from foodborne illness so staying clear of such illness with appropriate food taking care of is of significant importance.

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Cross-contamination occurs when disease-causing microorganisms, favor bacteria and also viruses, are transferred native one food come another. As a result, cross-contamination is one of the leading reasons of foodborne illness. This happens most typically from unwashed cutting boards, hands, or kitchen tools.

So, how can you avoid cross-contamination? start by making sure your staff has actually gone through appropriate food security training so that your employee all have knowledge of how to properly clean surfaces and also equipment and how to prepare and also store food in methods that protect against cross-contamination. Aside from that, right here are the basics that you must know.

Wash her hands

Personal hygiene is an essential to avoiding cross-contamination. Washing her hands regularly gets rid that bacteria that can contaminate the food you are preparing.

Switch devices for raw and cooked food

Using the exact same utensils and also cutting plank for various foods, such together raw poultry and produce, can lead come cross-contamination. So, make sure you have a mechanism in ar to save these tools separate. Likewise make certain to wash and sanitize your tools after each task to death of the bacteria that might be lingering.

Clean and sanitize all occupational surfaces

Make certain that work-related surfaces room being cleaned ~ every task. It’s necessary to use sanitizer and also not just wipe turn off the surface, because that does no kill pathogens.

Do no wash raw meat

In general, washing food clears bacteria. However, you have to never wash or rinse raw meat prior to cooking it, due to the fact that bacteria from raw meat and also poultry juices deserve to spread to other surfaces or utensils.

Cover raw food and also keep it different from ready-to-eat products

Proper food storage methods can assist prevent bacteria from dispersing from one food come another. Covering raw foods to prevent any kind of bacteria from transferring to ready-to-eat products and contaminating them. It is additionally best practice to save these foods separately to reduce the hazard of contamination even further.

Use proper food safety and security labels

Clear food brand let employees recognize what food is being stored therefore they can properly different food in a way that prevents cross-contamination. Having the date labelled ensures the employees recognize when to throw the food out.


For a much more in depth look at cross-contamination as well as other ways to avoid foodborne illness, take our food handlers cultivate course.

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And clock this quick video to learn much more about how to avoid cross-contamination.

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