It would be A. For Outlook. Yet Outlook is among the worst programs out there. Yahoo and Gmail space a lot of better.

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Of the program you have actually listed, just Outlook has email provision.


Outlook is the email program you gain when you acquisition Microsoft Office, the bundle of software program applications which additionally includes:

Word - because that Word processing

Power Point - because that slideshow presentations

Excel - because that Spreadsheets

Access - because that Database management

The other program you discussed in her question, Word Perfect is a word handling program favor Microsoft Word, yet made through Corel, one the Microsoft\"s competitors.

Outlook is the most popular email program across the world, and also is available for an individual and server usage (home and also business) and is obtainable for Windows and Mac.

Outlook because that Mac to be only presented in 2011, acquisition over indigenous the previous email program accessible with Office, Entourage, which was criticised because that it\"s compatibility with Exchange servers, and also as such to be not famous for service use.

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