METEOROLOGIST JEFF HABYThe following 20 concern quiz asks multiple selection questions based on the details covered in ~ this complying with webpage: http://civicpride-kusatsu.net/clouds/ and also other sources.An answer crucial is listed at the bottom the this webpage.1. These are high clouds that room composed of ice cream crystals:a. Cumulusb. Nimbostratusc. Altocumulusd. Cirrus2. A wall surface cloud is an example of a(n):a. Accessory cloudb. Top level cloudc. Cirrusd. Lenticular3. Clouds that build due to convective uplift are termed:a. Stratiform cloudsb. Noctilucent cloudsc. Cumulus cloudsd. Fair weather4. I beg your pardon of the following is a cloud top top the ground?:a. Funnel cloudb. Fogc. Wall cloudd. Shelf cloude. All of the above5. Every the adhering to are cirrus form clouds except:a. Mackerel skyb. Mare"s tailsc. Anvild. Fractuse. Uncinus6. Precipitation generated from dynamic lifting and also not convective lifting will fall from a _____________ clouds.a. Nimbostratusb. Cumulonimbus7. The prefix "alto" means:a. Upperb. Middlec. Lower8. The 2 ingredients necessary to kind clouds aloft are:a. Instability and also liftingb. Lifting and also saturated airc. Wind shear and also Liftingd. Air v a high dewpoint and also instability9. Which clouds occurs at the greatest altitude:a. Altostratusb. Cirrostratusc. Stratocumulusd. Noctilucente. Lenticular10. The term stratus means:a. Vertically developedb. Upper levelc. Horizontally layeredd. Short level11. Cloud droplets deserve to remain liquid even when they have actually a temperature of below freezing.a. Trueb. False12. A mid-latitude cyclone will frequently have a __________ shape on satellite imagery.a. Rectangularb. Dumbbellc. Commad. Pentagon13. These are cirrocumulus that look prefer fish scales.a. Lenticularb. Mackerel Skyc. Mare"s tailsd. Uncinus14. A ring about the sun or moon will display when lock shine through this cloud:a. Nimbostratusb. Altocumulusc. Same weather cumulusd. Cirrostratus15. The many fair weathered and also smallest the the cumulus clouds is the:a. Cumulus congestusb. Cumulonimbusc. Cumulus humilis16. Fog developed by cooling the the earth"s surface at night is:a. Radiation fogb. Advection fogc. Heavy steam fogd. Frontal fog17. Precipitation that vaporizes prior to making it to the earth"s surface is:a. Fogb. Virgac. Cloud dropletsd. Haze18. The clouds produced behind aircraft exhaust that is often visible high aloft are called contrails.a. Trueb. False19. The height of stratus cloud bases tends to lower as a heat front approaches.a. Trueb. False20. This is the visible part of a tornadic circulation produced by condensation of swiftly rotating increasing air.a. Hook echob. Mammatusc. Funnel cloudd. Wall cloud KEY1. D2. A3. C4. B5. D6. A7. B8. B9. D10. C11. A12. C13. B14. D15. C16. A17. B18. A19.

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A20. C